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¡Que Vato!

September 14, 2015

Hello Hello!

Thanks for writing me mom!!   We are writing earlier today because we are in a hurry. I have that doctors appointment that I've had for a month, today at 3:00 so we are on a little time crunch. I don't think the MRI is today, I think its just a consultation or something. I'll  keep you updated. We have to drive an hour to McAllen/Mission area. I'm hoping to get everything all figured out. I feel like I've kind of hit rock bottom the past few weeks and so its all up hill from here.

This week was pretty eventful in a few different ways. Our entire zone had a competition for finding and getting baptismal dates and things like that. The winner would get a steak dinner from the zone leaders.  My ears perked up at steak and so we went hard.  My companion and I won the whole competition! (Its us, the two STLTs, and 22 elders in our zone). So they are taking us out this Saturday. I told them I wanted the cowboy cut at Texas Roadhouse so we will see;) 

Where are the white people toiletries?

About the second week or so of being here my companion and I were contacting less actives and we went by this one ladies house who hadn't been to church in awhile. She had moved but it turned out that her brother Ivan, who is not a member, lives there. We have been teaching him for the last month or so.  A week or two ago he told us that he would get missionaries from all kinds of churches and even from ours come by but he would never let them in or talk to them, but the day we came by he didn't know why but he let us in and he said that he was so grateful he did.  He would always read what we asked him to, he stopped drinking, his prayers were fantastic, he was the most prepared and accepting person I have yet to teach. His baptismal date was for the beginning of October. About a week or two ago he also told us that he would be moving to Mexico to work for a year. We had been making plans and things to help him still progress and such. On Saturday we were sitting in a zone meeting and we get a text from Ivan saying that he loved us and that it was good to know us but he was leaving to Mexico earlier. We walked out of the middle of the meeting to go call him to see what was up. He had left that day and was already in Brownsville getting ready to cross the border!  On the phone we could kind of tell that he was crying. He told us that it had been such a pleasure getting to know us and help him grow closer towards God. After our phone call ended my companion and I just sat on the floor and cried. I don't know how to explain it but I had felt like a part of my spirit just died. I would compare it to getting a phone call and finding out someone you love dearly just passed away (not as dramatic obviously). We are doing everything we can to get him connected with the missionaries in Mexico. I will jump the border if I have to! I know that the Lord is going to make sure he finds them but it's still hard just not knowing and having that unsurity that he WILL find the gospel over there. I just hope I can stay in contact with him! 

A lady gave us cool hats that she knitted

The other day it started to rain SO hard! We were out talking to these guys that we had met a few days earlier. I tease one of them and call him Brother Joe.  He hates it.  Later I made the mistake of telling him my first name because they wouldn't stop asking.  Now he calls me sister Abbie.  It's weird. It's this little group of older guys who work at this little dumpy mechanic shop/trailer by our apartment. They are always out there drinking and having a BBQ so they feed us all the time which is nice.  We had just got there and were talking to them and they had us come inside this little trailer because it started to rain. Then it POURED. We were  hiding out from the rain and they gave us cokes to drink because we turned down their "holy water" (Bud Light)  Brother Joe says lets have a cheers!  We held our cokes in with their beers and cheers to "friendship" It was great. It reminded me of the story where someone asked Jesus why he was hanging around all of these sinners and adulterers and thieves. Jesus tells them something like we are all children of God or something like that. I don't remember how the end part of that went but you get the point. 

Biking home in the rain

Welp I forgot everything else I was going to say but that's pretty much it.  Nothing super cool.  I got to hold an iguana that was awesome! 
I love you all so much. Have a great week! 
Love Hermanita Thompson

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