Tuesday, November 10, 2015


October 19, 2015


I always forget that it is October! It is still in the 90s down here. Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I was so cold. I think our apartment was like 75 degrees.  I'm becoming a baby. 

I made Sister Tovar give me a pump after service

This week we did a service project at the branch presidents house. He lives on a pretty cool ranch. The rama is doing a garden for all the members on his property. It's pretty cool.  We rototilled the garden by hand with shovels and I used the pick ax. (I probably shouldn't have because of my shoulder but it was too fun. I couldn't resist. It was for a good cause though). The garden is probably the size of Dad's but the dirt felt like the dirt in Idaho in maybe March, like frozen clay. I always enjoy the service projects we do! 

This dog followed us home so I decided to bring him in the other sisters' room for a surprise when they got home. Hopefully he didn't have fleas haha!

The further I get in my mission the more I realize I'm becoming my parents! Every morning I make a big bowl of oatmeal with raisins. Whenever I see a butterfly I always think of Dad's voice. "Oooh look at that butterfly!" Or a sunset I hear mom "What a beautiful sunset."  During workouts in the morning the moon is still and I always see "Venus the morning star!"  There are more but I'll leave it at that. 


On Saturday we were looking for this less active family, the Rodriguez family and for the Mendoza family and they weren't home or we couldn't find them. On Sunday we got to church and were talking to this family and we asked what their last name was and it was the Rodriguez family that we had been trying to find. Then we talked with this other boy after church who ended up being the Mendoza kid.  He hadn't been to church in 2 years! Ask and ye shall receive. 

This past transfer I've been having lots of dreams for some reason. The other day we went with a member and were going by less actives and getting to know them. We went to this one lady's house in Harlingen and her granddaughter opened the door. My immediate thought was "Oh, I know her, she and her grandma have come the past few weeks to church" Then we got in the room and I immediately recognized the grandma and we started to talk with her.  As the conversation went on I realized that they hadn't been to church in several months. I leaned over and asked the granddaughter if they had been to any activities or anything in the past several months and she told me no that she goes to church with her mom somewhere else now because the grandma had been sick. (The little girl is nine and is not a member and neither is her mom). I then realized I had a dream that I had forgotten about until that moment of this little girl being at church with her grandma and them walking past me and then of her baptism.  It was the weirdest feeling and almost unexplainable!  We will be working with them more often! 

Elder Browning and I

The work here is great and it's been a privilege to be a part of it and to learn more about myself in the process of helping others. The Lord is so mindful and detailed in all that he does. The big picture is truly amazing. 

I love you all and have a good week 
Hermana Thompson 

We found a giant diaper.  I decided to try it on.  Don't worry I think it was clean!

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