Monday, November 30, 2015


November 30, 2015

Wall Art

I can't believe it's December tomorrow! Thanksgiving was good. As a kid I always hated Thanksgiving and as a missionary... well, we ate a lot so I didn't enjoy it so much either. Aside from all the food, it was really fun to go into other people's homes and see how they celebrate and what they are thankful for. We had three meal appointments aka "I felt like a beached whale by the time we got to our apartment." 

We found a shopping cart in the church parking lot.  The Elders were late so we had some fun!

Since I've been up here I have acquired a few nick names... Our ward mission leader is black and his name is Brother Johnson.  I call him "Brotha Johnson."  He loves it.  At coordination we were sitting there talking and he was talking to Sister Painter about where she was from and he thought she was from the hood.  Then he points to me and was like "In Louisiana where I'm from they call girls like her Princess Ann."  He told Sister Painter that she would be a servant to "Princess Ann".  I was slightly offended.  Whenever I need something at the apartment I always tell Sister Painter "Bring Princess Ann her water bottle."  She doesn't think it's very funny.  Our district leader also calls me "Wednesday Adams".  Probably because I act like her when I'm around him. Rude. 

Decorating my first Christmas tree!

Sister Painter got sick this week so we stayed in for two days. I was bored out of my mind by 3p.m.  I taught myself how to juggle. I finished an entire puzzle. I read in the infinite atonement.  I marked all of my English scriptures finally.  I also made a box for my mini-scriptures and I took a lil' napicita.  We also had an exchange and Thanksgiving this week and so we literally didn't get much done but member work and the investigators we already have. 

I burned a skirt for my half way mark :)

Karl is doing really well.  He went to Dallas for the week and so we didn't have much contact with him.  We went by Christina's and she has been sick too. I think she is the one who got Sister Painter sick.  We decided that we are going to go ahead and get Matthew baptized and not wait for the parents to get married. They have been together for 10 years but the dad won't get married.  Silly.   We are hoping that seeing Matthew take those steps will be an example to his parents and that hopefully we will be planning a wedding soon. So pray for that.  Other than that I don't have much exciting news this week! This transfer is going by really fast and things are good. I'm enjoying now because I don't know what next transfer will bring! I love you all. Have a happy week! 
Hermana Thompson 

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