Tuesday, November 10, 2015

7 freakin' monnnthhhssss doe!

September 21, 2015

Hello my loves! 

I would love to tell you my really fun experience to the doctors office.  I think I would have been better off going to Mexico.  Last P-day we hurried and got all of our stuff done so that one of the STLT's and I could drive an hour to my doctors appointment.  We get to the office and I filled out a bunch of paper work and we sat in the waiting room for like 40 minutes. They finally called my name.  The nurse takes me back and weighs me (I've gotten fat) and then she measures me. She says "seven... zero! You're 6 foot!" and in my head I'm like 'geez I feel like Hagrid, there's no way I'm 6 foot!' then I realized that the nurse took her Helen Keller pill and that I'm really 5' 10" so I didn't say anything and she took me into the room and I handed her all of my medical records from Dr. Biddulph's office. She was putting things through the computer and then she points at a word on my records and says "What does that mean?" I looked at the word and I was like "Clavicle..... Like... your shoulder..." then she was like "Oh thanks!" Then the STL Sister Hunter was like "So how long have you worked here?" and the nurse was like "Oh not very long I think around 9 months!" Then after awhile the doctor walks in and he is like straight up from India or something. He told me that there were only two solutions to my shoulder,; That I could deal with it or that I could take a nerve medication. He said "Okay" between every sentence. I'm not kidding. I think he said it about 130 times. I asked him about the motor function of the nerve and the sensory function and that I knew that motor function doesn't work anymore but that the sensory is still signaling to my brain, that there is pain. And then he was like, "Oh yeah, well you can go in to a specialist and they can go in and destroy the rest of it but you won't be able to feel that part of your shoulder for the rest of your life." It was dumb because he didn't even bring that up until I said something about it! Like he had forgot or something! Hard to explain.  I was already annoyed by that point so he prescribed this nerve medicine that usually people with seizures take and I hate it. I haven't studied once this week because it makes me super super tired. Basically my options are to take a nerve medication or to go in and have them destroy the rest of the nerve. I haven't decided yet. I have a month... 

We have transfers tomorrow... I hope that I get transferred! I probably won't  just for saying that. There has been a lot of drama with my companion and every one of our leaders slowly turned things into a bigger and bigger deal.  We went out to eat with the zone leaders because we won the steaks. They ended up getting into a wreck in the parking lot which was actually really funny. Elder Ward was backing up and T-boned a truck because he wasn't looking at his companion while he was backing him up. I was like four feet away from it and it was awesome!  We still got our steaks though while they stayed out and talked to the cops.  Nobody got hurt but we had to have interviews with them afterward because it was made such a big deal from the Sister APs that we live with and our district leader. Then everything was fine.  I won't get into details because it's the most retarded thing in the world and I don't have time. 

Was the devotional good at BYU-I Mom? I remember having you come up. You would always fall asleep during them and then I would be stuck there watching them! But the lunches with you made up for it:) I miss those days.  

Also quit having all of the grand kids sleep in my room!!!! I know i'ts so awesome but there are literally seven other bedrooms to choose from!!!! And that the dog threw up on my bed.... don't tell me things like that.  I'm glad to hear it was entertaining watching the kids though. 

Thank you for the letter Mom. I really needed it. The past few weeks have been... pretty bad. I love the joseph smith story you sent too. In D&C 121 and 122 are probably my favorite chapters.  It's hard now but I know I'm being made into who I need to be. I love you all have a safe and good week!
 Love Hermana Thompson 

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