Tuesday, November 10, 2015


September 28, 2015

Howdy Ho!!! 

Yes,  everyone I saw the red moon! I have to ride a bike everywhere! It was impossible to miss;)

This week I got hit on by a 60 year old man and a 77 year old man although not in the same day, I also got called a Mexican. I had to eat fish, and cake, then I got sad when I realized that I-m getting fat by eating food I don't even like! 

I had a lot to say this week but I left my planner out in the sisters car and I'm too lazy to go and get it so sorry, not sorry. 

Also, who the heck is Sergio? That's hilarious that Dad is going to do his dental work too! Pretty soon you will have all of south Texas up there getting their teeth done! How great though! 

 I'm still here in good old San  Benito with good old Sister Whitten. We don't live with the STLTs anymore and that has actually helped a lot. They weren't dramatic or anything but it has taken a lot of pressure off things so this week was actually really good! We now live with Sister Tervort and Sister Tovar.  Sister Tovar is my Great-Grandma" in the mission.  She trained Sister Isom (who I lived with last transfer) and Sister Isom trained Sister Kingsford who then trained me! So I have lived with all of my "living" posterity in the mission. I hate the missionary terms.  Also, Sister Lance, my second companion, well I would call her my Dad #1 because Sister Kingsford my first companion was my "mom" and #2.  We are the Elders of the Sister missionaries because we eat a lot and we are gross.  She calls me her son.  This transfer Sister Lance and Sister Kingsford are companions!! So my mom and dad are together now!  It's actually really, really weird. They are both STLs now in Brownsville! So they are over The Brownsville Zone and the Harlingen Zone because we are right next to each other.  Tomorrow I will be on an exchange with them which is really weird to think. And Elder Browning is their Zone leader! 

The Women's thing was good. I didn't fall asleep so that was nice. I liked the story that President Utchdorf shared. We didn't have any investigators come to it which was sad. We have been teaching this family of 12 though! We were biking last week and we were crossing one of the bridges and there was this boy fishing on the other side of the bridge and his little Chihuahua (of course) got away and ran up onto the bridge just as we were riding by. I almost ran it over with my bike!  I hurried and jumped off to help the boy catch his dog. After we caught the mutt, we were talking to the boy and telling him what we do and he says that his older sister is a member!  We have been going over there and making friendships with them and hopefully they will all be baptized here soon! They are the Hinojosa family. They live in a three bedroom house. The parents and 9 of the kids. One is already baptized and two are under age. It is a zoo over there but I love it.  

Thank you all for the prayers and fasting. I literally can tell a difference in this week and wasn't really sure why. Then when I got on to email today 6 or so people said that they had fasted for me. A gem can't be shined without being buffed and a man can't become better without trials. Thank you for helping me get through them! The mission is great and I miss and love you all! I pray for each of you every day! enjoy your week! 
Hermanita Thompson 

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