Tuesday, November 10, 2015


October 12, 3015


Today I have an MRI at 4. I'm actually excited about that because I get to take a fabulous nap and I'll be going on exchanges with Hermana Tovar. She is my favorite and we get along super well.  She went with me to my doctor's appointment last week and we had a ball. We talked to some crazy old people in the waiting room. I told her that I had to go to the bathroom and I got up and the door was locked and one of the old people told me I have to go ask the front desk.  I did and was standing there waiting and they were all telling me what to do. It literally turned into this big ordeal of old people telling me who and where I should go to use the restroom.  To be honest, I didn't have to pee that bad but the entire lobby got involved and so it would have been more awkward just to go sit down. One of the old ladies was like "Just pee right there on the floor, that'll teach em!"  I didn't know what to say!  They all made fun of me because my face went red.  It was a hoot.  After we went to Sonic and got Nerd Slushies and that made my entire week. I miss those. I also realized I have a doctor's appointment every Monday this entire transfer.  Woof!

I think I worked with my companion like twice this week. It's been weird but I've actually had a good week!  I was on an exchange with Hermana Tervort on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We were in our area so I got to pick everything we did and who we needed to go see.  We went by the last appointment of the day, Hermano Del Angel; my 60 year old boyfriend.  Well, one of them.  We had a good lesson and ate chicken in the middle of this trailer park with no lights.  Afterwards we were biking home.  Side note:  Hermana Tervort has not been in a bike area her whole mission and every time I looked back she was like a half mile away out of breath.  I felt bad.  Also, Mom will you send me bigger garment bottoms? My legs are now too buff.  Send me the carinessa ones Small-A. 

I was a little ways ahead and we were biking home.   It was pretty dark and we were on the shoulder of the main road -- Sunnystrip 77.  It's one of the busier roads, a five lane road and it's pretty sketchy.  I was just biking along minding my own business and I looked to my left and there was this big SUV who came out of no where from this parking lot. the fool wasn't going to even stop!  It was like slow motion and I was about to get T-boned and splat into this busy road. She slammed on her brakes literally like 8 inches away from me. I don't know how or if she even saw me because she was on her phone but it was literally as if something was between me and the car.  It was as if she hit something else. We made eye contact and then I just kept peddling. and she took off. I had to stop for a second because my heart came out my bum!  It was so scary. Now I really do know I'm invincible!!  That wasn't the moral to my story. It was just proof to me of how important this work is to the Lord. I literally should have been hit. 

Welp, the church is true everybody. This life isn't a coincidence, there is more to it then taking it day by day.  A lot more goes on than we realize. God is mindful of our potentials and who we can become and who we were before this life. Satan is also aware of it.  We are in a spiritual battle. Don't wait to almost get hit by a car to let it "Wake you up!" ;) this time is so precious and what we do today determines our future. 

I love you all. Thank you for your love and support and your prayers they obviously work daily! Have a good week!
Love Hermana Thompson

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