Tuesday, November 10, 2015


October 26, 2015

What a fabulous semana. We had some crazy rain storms from the hurricane in Mexico. Everyone was freaking out. Weslaco got pretty flooded. We had some good sized puddles too.  It was a blast to bike in. People think we are nuts. I love their reactions as they drive by us.  I'm sure we look like weirdos. 

On Sundays we have been helping the Primary President teach because sometimes the teacher doesn't show up. Some of the kids don't understand Spanish very well so yesterday I translated the whole primary lesson. It was fun. It was about the sacrament and how we make sins during the week and it makes "little stains" on our white baptismal clothes and so when we take the sacrament it makes them white again. Some parts were hard to put into English so I made them up:) 

We have been working a lot with the Montez family. (the four kids that we converted) It's sister Montez and her husband. They have 4 kids. April who is the real mom of the kids that Sister Montez adopted and we converted. Then there is Eric who is in prison. And Gabriel who is 26 and David who is 28 and they live at home. When we first came over to teach the Montez family, Sister Montez told us that her husband wouldn't sit in on lessons and things because he wasn't interested and he didn't.  He would go outside and drink or kind of hang out until we left. David and Gabriel would do the same thing.  They actually remind me of Tyler a lot. They wouldn't talk to us much either.  Over time they have really started to warm up to us.  David even took us to lunch at Wing Stop the other day and then we went and bought the paint for their house.  Afterwards we painted their house and It was fun.  In the back of my head I could hear Tyler telling me how to do it;)  He would have had a crap attack if he saw the way we all painted it.  It ended up looking pretty good.  The mom is a member and her husband isn't and neither is Gabriel. David is less active.  April is on drugs somewhere in Houston. (I hope all that made sense)  Last night we went over there and they were watching a football game. Sister Whitten was talking to Sister Montez, and so I started to talk with her husband. I secretly taught him the restoration without him even knowing it. I then asked him if I could show him a video and he agreed so we watched the Restoration video with the whole family and the dad stayed the entire time of the lesson. I was so pumped after we left!  They had their niece over as well. Her name is Faith and we have been teaching her too.  She conveniently lives across the street. That's nice. The kids were so, so quiet during the movie. They were good at church too. Usually S'ister Montez is getting after them because they are wild and she wouldn't want to go to church either because of it but yesterday she made the comment on how they all have been changing. It's crazy to see the difference being made in this family. I hope that the spirit was able to touch the dad's heart. Sister Montez wants to be sealed so badly to her kids. My focus especially with this family and in the mission has changed.  I'm not here to just get them all baptized and go to church but to get them to the temple and help them work towards that. It's been a good focus and their family is great. We go over there almost every day. Sometimes I feel like I'm at home with my family. It's super cool. I guess when It all comes down to it, we are all family! 

Everyone the church is true. I love you all. Have a good week! 
Hermana A. Thompson 

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