Tuesday, November 10, 2015


October 5, 2015

This week flew by! We had a lot of meetings and our exchanges and conference so we stayed busy!  My district leader found out that I was sleeping on the sidewalk during morning exercises. I was telling some missionaries a story of when I was laying on the sidewalk. It was when school had started so kids from the apartment would come out to their rides to school in the morning. This girl and her group of friends were walking by across the lot and she saw me and stopped in a panic and I think she thought I was dead.  It was really funny. I sat up so she wouldn't have a heart attack. My district leader overheard me say that and so now our whole district gets up at 5:30 every morning to work out together. It's awful and I complain every morning.  We meet at the school fields between our apartment complexes  The other morning we got there before the elders did so naturally I laid in the parking lot and fell asleep. The elders got there and we started to walk onto the field when a cop pulls up! I guess that someone called the cops because someone was laying down out by the school.  We all had a good laugh.  At least I did.  I'm turning into Dad.  I can literally sleep anywhere I sit down. It's awesome!

We ate at olive garden before conference- haha kind of made me homesick sadly!

This transfer has been really good so far. I love the sisters we live with. Sister Tovar and I get along really well and we always have good talks together. She served in La Joya too. I am learning a lot, especially about loving people. My district leader also found out that I am not fond of hugging people and so he makes me hug my companion all the time.  

Our Zone

Conference was great though. I loved elder Holland's talk about mothers. He always goes hard and I love how blunt he is. He made the comment how mothers carry us for 9 months and they continue to carry us now and the true love of parents and Christ. I love how he tied it into seeing everybody through their parent's eyes. How much more love we can have for people. Everything starts with love. If you don't love you won't serve, if you don't serve you won't be humble.  If you're not humble you won't be faithful, and if you're not faithful you cannot progress. Everything starts with love and a lot of my mission is teaching me how to love people.  Love what I do and love every moment.  Like I love that I hate working out at 5:30 am!;)   

I cut this old mans yard with a machete it was awesome then he gave us his debit card to go by cokes at the store

Someone in our branch makes piñatas for a living. This one is bigger than I am!!

Chilling with my chihuahua friend

There is a man sitting behind me here in the library talking to himself and it's really funny so I lost my train of thought.

My new little friend

I love you all have a good week!

Love Hermana Thompson 

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