Tuesday, November 10, 2015


November 9, 2015

So I'm sitting here in the Library in Corpus. Oh yeah,  by the way I got transferred to Corpus Christi. My new area is Everhart. My new companion is Sister Painter.  Back to my story. I saw this lady walk past me with her two boys 30 minutes ago and I was thinking to myself, "That looks like Ally Oblad."   Story short --  I emailed Sara and she texted Ally to see if it was her and it was! We scheduled a dinner appointment for the 22nd of this month because Cicily will be there. Haha how crazy! 

Ally (my sister, Sara's, sister-in-law who lives in Corpus)

Transfers was bitter sweet. I was really sad to say goodbye to Sister Tovar but happy that I was leaving too. She helped me a lot last transfer. I feel like I  am in a new mission! There are a lot of rude white people here that's for sure! I didn't realize how awkward I have gotten until I came up here. Teaching in English has been different and a little bit hard. My companion is pretty cool.  She is from Chicago.  She talks like a black person and I love it.  We get along really well.  Our goal this transfer is to "Blacktize" (baptize only black people). lt's going really well. 

Hermana Barton (my cousin, Kierstin's friend who I found at transfers)

My new District in Corpus Christi

We met this man named Robert.  He saw the Elders not too long ago at a gas station and talked with them.  He is in our area and so we went by to get into contact with him.  His son just came home from a mission in Utah but he is not a member.  When we went by he told us that he was leaving in a few minutes for work and so we rescheduled and left.  We were contacting his neighbors and about 20 minutes later he came driving back up and said that he called his boss and told him he would be late so that he could talk with the missionaries.  I thought that was really awesome.
We have actually had lots of miracles this week.  I don't have time to share them all.  I already love the people here a lot.  I feel like a new person. Our ward is full of corky people and it makes me happy.  There is this lady who has dreams about the missionaries coming into her area and God tells her what kind of blanket to make them. She told me that I was a girly girl and a tom boy at the same time. So my blanket is blue and yellow. There is another man who is a geologist and is retired.  He was in the special ops and has 67 confirmed kills. He is super cool to talk to. He is less active and so we are making friends with him.  He is really interesting.
We have been teaching this cute little family that Sister Tovar and her companion actually found a few months ago. The husband has been sick so we haven't been over there in a few days. She is really cool. I play polly pockets with her 6 year old daughter while Sister Painter answers her deep doctrine questions. 
Polly Pockets wore her out

The work is going great already.  I'm determined to make this one of the best transfers yet. God has been good to me in letting me see what i need to learn in each area and who I need to help. He answers prayers. I wouldn't be here in Corpus if he didn't;) just kidding.  I  hope you all have a happy week. i love you! 

Hermana Thompson  

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