Monday, September 7, 2015


I'm getting so bad at keeping the days and weeks straight! Things are starting to cool down a little bit here and by cool down I mean that it's starting to be in the 90s. 

The kids
Family and friends

On Sunday we had a baptism! Well 3 actually! I don't even remember what I have and haven't told y'all. We have been going through the ward list. We found a less active lady named
Sister Montez a few weeks back. She got married when she was 14. She is in her 40's now and her husband isn't a member; just her. She has a daughter that is on drugs and things and lives in Houston.  Her daughter's name is April.  April has 4 kids. Ramiero, Abigail, Timmy and Angel. These kids have been in and out of foster care until finally Sister Montez was able to get custody of them in January.  Her grand kids are technically her kids now.  We have had so much fun teaching them and getting to know their cute little family.  Sister Montez tells us that it's God's way of giving her a second chance, to raise these kids. At the baptism we were all kind of talking afterwards and Elder Thompson was playing a song on the piano. I was talking with Ram about something and he stopped in mid-sentence and his eyes got really big and he looks at me and says, "I had a dream about this!"  It happened a long time ago and he hadn't remembered until Elder Thompson was playing the song because the song was in his dream about his baptism.  It was a cool little tender mercy.  Ram also has some crazy dreams that he has shared with us. I wish I had that gift! I need to write them all down. The only spiritual dream I have had was the night I decided to start my mission papers. I told Elder Thompson our district leader about it and he told me to study the significance of what it means, so I have been working on that.  

Riding away from the sunset

Our district

Things this week have been up and down. I've had a little mid-life mission crisis the past week or two but I'm pushing through. I kind of went into a mini-depression and started to second guess things.  It's amazing how good Satan is at his job. I've seen miracles, helped people and touched lives but yet I'm still so weak and how he uses that and knows that!  It's amazing how fragile our spirits are. How much we have to take care of them and be aware of our spiritual needs as well.  I'm learning day by day how to turn my weaknesses into strengths. I think the Lord has blessed me with depression and A.D.D to become humble and to be a learner.  It's the hardest thing I have ever done! I have a long way to go! I'm learning a lot this transfer and hopefully growing too.

I love you all. I hope that your week goes great!
Love Hermana Thompson

Homemade basketball hoop!

Teaching them how to duck face!

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