Monday, March 30, 2015

One Week Left! Then off to TEXAS!

Howdy!! (I'm practicing for Texas)

This week flew by so fast! We got our itineraries on Wednesday. I leave a week from today!! Crazy! We leave on April 6th. Our fight is on United Airlines and our flight number is 5244.  We fly out of Salt lake at 8 am. And our second flight is flight number 5241 from Houston to McAllen. We should arrive at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Next time I write home I'll be in Texas!! Our Zone and District is super close. We all have fun teasing each other everyday. There are 14 elders in our zone and I get my fair share of teasing probably because I make fun of them all. I dared one of the elders to eat a banana with the peel still on it and he did!! So then I had to eat a grapefruit with the peel still on it and it was awful. Hanging around a bunch of 18 year old boys all day has kind of turned me into one! To say the least I haven't matured one bit) Today we were eating lunch outside and I was complaining that my salad was warm and how gross it was but I just kept eating it and then a few minutes later I found a dead caterpillar in my salad and I may have over reacted a little! All of the Elders gave me crap for that. It's been fun getting to know people from different places and backgrounds. And I'm getting pretty tired of saying goodbye to people! It's going to be hard saying goodbye to everyone this week but we are all off to bigger and better things! Hermana Browning is letting me cut her hair today.  We will see how that goes. Pray for me. Actually, pray for her. I've noticed the past few weeks that the little things in life really are the best things! Like finding out your skirt has pockets or the days when the cafeteria has sprinkled donuts or oatmeal (pathetic I know).  This week nothing super special happened. We finished teaching our investigators and I'm actually super happy about that. I always left super frustrated each lesson because I can't express entirely what I want to because of the language barrier. I'm sure its going to be ten times worse when i get to Texas and the investigators are real. This week I heard a quote that says, "Get on your knees and pray as if everything depended on the Lord, then get on your feet and work as if everything depended on you".  I LOVE that quote. If we work our hardest then the Lord will provide if we turn to him. Nothing super exciting happened this week, just more Spanish learning and a billion devotionals! I'm getting pretty tired of sitting through talks and such. Everybody have a great week! Enjoy watching conference in your pajamas because I have to sit on hard chairs in a skirt. (boo) Thank you for all of the love and support!! Buenos dias. 

                                                                                                            Hermana Thompson 

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