Monday, March 16, 2015


So I do have a disclaimer before I begin. When we are teaching people in Spanish and I don't understand what they say I usually just giggle or say "ah muy bien" or I'll stare at them like a deer in the headlights because I don't know what's going on.  Last week when I told the story of how we were teaching that couple about prayer and we told them you pray for things you are grateful for and he said he didn't have anything to be grateful for because his mom died.  Right after he said that I laughed because I didn't know what he said... and my companion leaned over and told me that he had just told us his mom just died. I learned not to laugh if I don't know whats going on. That could have been the reason he cried too. But other than that the lesson went really well!  

This week went by pretty fast. Learning Spanish has been much easier probably because we got a new Spanish teacher and he is super "Hot", so that's nice. I'm also forgetting how to spell things in English and its super annoying, so now I just look stupid in two languages.  Everyone has been telling me to not drink the orange juice here because it makes you get mad diarrhea. Seeing that I already get sick I was like "whatever" and I accepted the challenge. One of the Elders told me when I was drinking it, "I feel bad for you... well actually I feel bad for the toilet!"  He was right.  . Then of course my "super cool" companion comes in after awhile to make things worse by saying "Is everything okay sister?!"  I learned two things! Number one I can't even be alone when I poop and "number two" (haha)  I really do know to NOT drink the orange juice here!  

The other day I decided to actually work out during gym time and go running... I forgot how awful it is. So basically I'm sticking with my naps in the middle of the track. Also the other district in our zone left and we got a new district that has 8 elders in it! So there are 14 boys, my companion and I, and the other two sisters. I thought having 4 brothers was bad. Its been fun though. Our branch president and his wife are really nice too. Except every time his wife hugs me she wraps her arms around my neck and basically chokes me out!! I cringe when I see her but luckily  I have had lots of practice holding my breath from Landon trying to make me pass out all the time growing up. 

I still haven't been kicked out of the choir (YET).  On Tuesday we sung at the devotional and Elder Cook of the 12 spoke. It was kind of a cool experience. I also realized that It doesn't take much to make my day here. There is this table in the girls dorm building that is the "free food" table and I found a push pop on it! It was the best day ever! 

I  love you all! Thanks for all of your support, letters, thoughts and prayers. It takes more than finding a push pop to get through some days! Have a good week!!  

Hermana Thompson 

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