Monday, March 23, 2015

2 Weeks Left

Hola familia y amigos?!

I have 2 weeks left!!! OLE!!!! My spelling and English are already getting bad.  It's super annoying but at the same time I'm too lazy to spell check so sorry.  Not sorry.  This week has been good. It went by pretty fast and slow at the same time.  Time here is really weird.  I also learned that nothing ruins your Friday like realizing its only Tuesday.  

I quit the choir because I didn't get kicked out.  Hermana Browning and I study and talk while our companions go to choir.  We get along really well.  I would literally go insane if she wasn't here.  On Tuesday while choir was going on, she and I decided to go outside and sit on the grass and while we were talking we saw this cat walking around the middle of the MTC campus.  Obviously I went and caught it and snuck it inside to our classroom.  I named it Nalga.
I was getting pretty tired of doing crappy chores for our "service" in the mornings so I may have flirted a little with the janitor so that he would give us a good chore for once.  We got to vacuum the chapels with ghost buster vacuums.  Also,  I decided that Sundays are the worst here.  The food is always disgusting and I'm tired of sitting through a billion devotionals.  I had to give a talk in Spanish in sacrament meeting and I forgot the paper that my talk was written on!!  I had to wing it! it was on faith in Jesus Christ and  I told them I forgot my paper and that I was having faith in Jesus Christ without it.
Feeling the spirit all of the time is so great, although it does make me tired.  Kind of weird. Ever since I got set apart as a missionary I haven't had stomach problems other than the orange juice incident.  Before I came I was debating whether to wait and get everything figured out with the stomach issues etc. but decided not to. It was the biggest leap of faith for me not knowing what was going to happen but I know that God is watching over me and over every one of us and that through sincere prayers and faith he will answer them!  It's a feeling of peace knowing that I am where I need to be and for some crazy reason the Mexicans in Texas need me to come and feed their souls and I can't wait for it!  I can't wait for all the trials that are going to come my way and for the life long lessons I am about to learn. Thank you for all of the prayers and support! I love you all!  Have a good week!!

Hermana Thompson 

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