Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 2 of the MTC


So I have basically aged like 60 years since Ive been here! I eat oatmeal for breakfast. I'm sore from doing nothing (probably from my crappy bed)  We have dinner at like 4 in the afternoon. And I literally fall asleep wherever I sit down!! When we go to the gym I go up to the track and start to do yoga but I always fall asleep! Yesterday they had this big meeting for all of the sisters in the gym so half way through I obviously started to fall asleep but I woke up to a bunch of girls screaming because there was a bat flying around the gym! They make us do "service" cleaning twice a week but it's really just cleaning the MTC at 6 in the morning. I can't help but imagine it's what Hell is like.... mopping floors before the sun is out. Also everyone here sings wherever they go and it's really weird. I sometimes feel like I'm in a really crappy musical. So this one time I was walking past the bathrooms and nobody was really in the building, but there was a girl in the showers singing at the top of her lungs, so naturally I walked in there and screamed to scare her! I'm sure she peed the shower because she screamed so loud it was hilarious! On Monday it snowed here so after class we were walking to lunch and I made a snowball and hid behind a tree to throw at one of the Elders who I'm friends with. So I'm waiting behind this tree for the Elders to come out of the building and when I saw them I threw the snowball as hard as I could and the Elder I meant to throw it at saw me and dodged it and so my snowball hit another Elder in the crotch!! We had a good laugh... well at least I did. Since I've been here I joined the choir they have and we sing at the devotionals. I'm awful and so I'm surprised they haven't kicked me out yet. I like it though because we get to leave class early. This past week we starting teaching "investigators" (in spanish) and some of them are members of the church and some are not but they won't tell us who isn't. The people we teach is an older mexican couple named Hely and Jose. The first lesson we taught them was about prayer. Probably in the worst Spanglish ever. We taught them that in our prayers we say what we are thankful for and Jose told us that he had nothing to be thankful for because his mom had just passed away. I had only practiced talking about our prayer lesson in Spanish so I was a little worried that our lesson was about to go in a different direction and it did. So I taught him the best that I could that families are essential to God's plan and that I knew that he would see his mother again. He cried. The spirit was so strong in that room and that's when I realized that although I didn't know the language perfect, I'm not the one teaching these people, the spirit is. This week has been much better. Thank you all for the DearElder notes, support, prayers and love. I am thankful for them everyday and couldn't make it without them! Love you all!  
- Hermana Thompson

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