Saturday, April 4, 2015

Extra P Day

Como esta?! 

I guess I get to write home today since we won't have much time on Monday. I'll still be able to check my mail this Monday and write that I made it safe to Texas, but that's it. Its like 7 in the morning so I haven't woken up fully, obviously. So if my letter doesn't make sense sorry;  not sorry. And iI didn't know we were writing today. Things have been pretty decent here. Our district has been pretty down in spirits because nobody wants to leave. I'm ready to get out of this dump! Things are just too easy here and I don't feel like I'm progressing anymore so I'm ready to get out there. But I am pretty sad that we are all not in the same mission. Yesterday we said goodbye to all of our teachers, even my hot Spanish teacher so that was a little depressing. I did give him my email tho;)  I think this is the first conference I have been excited to watch and it will be the first conference that I've watched the whole thing! Pretty crazy. I'm not excited to sit in the hard chairs in the gym tho! Boooo. Also I'm getting pretty tired of wearing dresses everyday. Its like a little part of my soul died. I feel like I repeat myself so much in my emails home. I forget what and when things happen. I also thought today was like Thursday so that was weird. This morning we had a companion exchange because Hermana Browning and I are leaving on Monday so we have to do laundry and such. I love when we get to be companions. Anyway we were going to get breakfast and after breakfast we were walking here to the computer lab and were talking and Hermana Browning ran into a pole and smashed her sack breakfast into it too! I almost fell on the floor I was laughing so hard!! We also had our in field orientation on Thursday, which is basically a 9 hour meeting that could have been 2 hours.  It was like learning how to talk to people in the field and how to work with members of the ward. Stuff we already knew. That's 9 hours I could have used to learn Spanish.  Don't worry we have also had many spiritual experiences this week, some I wont share just because of time but it's definitely been an emotional roller coaster. Also as much as I hate to admit I kind of wish i would have stuck with piano lessons. I'm a little ashamed that I played for 8 years and can barely play. I've been practicing though. It's been a nice Easter season to spend out on a mission. Holidays become more meaningful. Everyone enjoy conference today and tomorrow. Conference is like reading the scriptures, if you don't have a question in mind before reading/watching you won't get as much out of it. So my challenge to you all is to have a question in your life that you would like help with or need an answer to and pray about it before you watch and I promise you that you will receive an answer and guidance. Don't forget what Easter is really about! Enjoy your weekend! I literally can't remember what happened this week so sorry for the vague letter. Can't wait to here from you all on Monday. Love you!! 
                                                                       -Hermana Thompson 

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