Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Two Months in the FIELD

Hola y'all!!! Como esta?!!

This week flew by!! We have so many people that we have been teaching I wish that we had more time in the day!! I also wish that people weren't so flaky either! I've never been let down so many times in my life, let alone in one week! I've been hung up on and had the door closed in my face but we just keep going!
I had the lovely opportunity to try cow tongue and octopus. They were both gross and I'll just leave it at that. While contacting, some boy answered the door butt naked and I'm scarred for life. We also teach a lot of drunk people so that's been fun. They are really honest! One house we went to the lady told us that she wasn't religious and didn't believe in anything and that she didn't believe in God. I asked her if this was her house and she gave me a weird look and said, " Yes?"  So I pointed to the address plate that was right next to her door; it had Jesus' head on it with a thorn crown and it said "God bless this house". I said "So you believe in God then?" I had to call her out -- I couldn't help it. The look on her face made my day. We also got a letter in the mail that said we were called to be sister training leaders. We were freaking out because I had just got here! It was a mistake! Hallelujah! I can't even keep track of myself most days let alone be a STL.

The biggest thing I learned this week is the second you start to forget about yourself is when life starts to become great. When I first got out here my mind was preoccupied with home and friends and school, my stomach problems coming back and feeling so malnourished everyday. I was tired and I smelled like a sweaty taco. Then it hit me. I'm not here for myself. Right then I knew I needed to change my focus. Yeah, I'm still tired and sweaty and never feel good and I still smell like a taco but I know that if I eat the food the people give me that they are going to be blessed for taking care of us. I know that the harder I work the better results we will have. I've been to 30+ states and 9 countries and wasn't so sure about serving in south Texas but I have never experienced anything like this. It's so different to be immersed in another culture and going into the homes and trailers that they live in. I have heard so many life stories that have blown my mind. The people are amazing and they would give you the shirt off their back. They are so welcoming and warm. At first I thought it was crazy that people would just let two complete strangers in their house to talk about Jesus. We exchange stories and talents. We sing with people and we cry with people and we have made friendships with people. You don't need to have a name tag over your heart to serve people. It is sometimes as easy as smiling or opening your mouth. It's just a matter of painting a name tag on your heart. When things are hard be a creator of circumstances not a creature of circumstances and most of all forget about yourself. You will be taken care of if you're taking care of others. Your weaknesses will become strengths and your worries will disappear. but most of all you can help someone who can never repay you, just the way Christ has done for you and what a wonderful feeling.

The other week we were contacting houses and a few boys came up to talk to us. We found out later that they dared each other to come say hi. We gave one of the boys a Book of Mormon. His name is Marcos. He is 12. I asked if he would be baptized and he said yes. We came back about a week later to see how he was doing and he had read like 236 pages of the book of Mormon! He is in Mosiah. I was so happy and so impressed!! He is such a great kid. We have a hard time finding rides for people to church and so he wasn't able to come this week. I was super butt hurt.

The other day one of the members was supposed to feed us but she texted us to not come because she had got home from work late. I heard our phone beep but didn't check the text because we were helping someone put up a fence. I forgot about the text and we went over to her house. She asked if we had received her message and we said no. She made us food anyway and we taught her a lesson. She told us her husband didn't like to go to church anymore because he likes to watch football. She said she was going to leave him if he didn't come but it was just an empty threat. She said she told him that like a year ago and nothing has happened since and he still doesn't go. My companion said she should get a divorce!! and I hurried and said "NOooo don't do that" (I had a nice chat with my comp. after for saying that) I told her that he will come around and that the best thing she can do is just to love him back into the gospel. She just had a baby and so I said that she should continue to go to church and teach her girls to go and to love the Lord and that things will work out for her. I read her the footprints in the sand poem and we shared a few scriptures. Before we left I apologized for not getting her text and she told me, "There is a reason you didn't get that text, thank you for coming."

This week has been filled with miracles and trials and I wish that I could share them all and others I'll keep dear to my heart. Always remember that the Lord makes weak things become strong. Have a good week everybody and serve others! Thank you for the prayers and love and support! I love y'all!

-Hermana Thompson

this is us eating an octopus today! it was gross:

we caught a rabbit too

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