Monday, May 4, 2015


Hola y'all!!!

This week was a little slow but still nuts to say the least! We do a lot of biking and my legs are getting so buff! We have been making friends with the neighborhood kids and then they point out the best houses to go to! I teach them all how to pop wheelies. None of them can do it so they make me show them over and over. They yell "Otra vez! Otra vez!" I also have been playing a lot of soccer, pretty much everyday. It's hard to play in a dress but I still school all of the kids. All of my shoes are pretty much destroyed and I look homeless sometimes. I also had to climb a fence in a dress!

The other day we went to a random house and they were peeling oranges and so we ate oranges from their backyard with this family and taught them on the porch. The little kids' name is Kevin.  He is in second grade. We taught him how to pray and he prayed for two girlfriends. Who knows; God works in mysterious ways. The next time we came back he ran up to us and gave us a huge hug and said "You came!!" It melted my heart. He and his cousin who is in 3rd grade come from Mexico to stay at their grandmas house during the week to go to school and then they go to Mexico every weekend. We committed the kids to be baptized but we are having a hard time with what church they should be attending because they literally live two lives. So we have been working with that.

We have also been working in the same neighborhood as the Jehovah Witnesses. (curses) It's okay because we pretty much stole all of their investigators. We met a boy named Julio. He is 17 and we have been teaching him the past two weeks. On Sunday he told us he would come to church so we set up a ride for him. Just a side note -- I think that Sundays are like a giant game of 'Where's Waldo?' except I call it "Where's Juan?" You get to church and you're like "Where is so and so?" then you have to go and find them! We went over to Julios to introduce him to his ride and he didn't want to go! I used my youngest child skills and talked him into it. I think I had an easier time talking Dad into getting a trampoline.  He didn't want to come because he thought that it was too early. He said he didn't know enough. I explained to him we don't go to church because we know everything we go because we want to learn more. After I talked to him he decided he would come. He loved it! He said he had fun and loved the ward and he wants to come back. I was so happy! This kid has been talking to the Jehovah Witnesses for 2 years. He never went to church with them but he said they invited him several times.

Another lesson we had I was sitting on the porch of this lady's trailer home and we were listening to her story. It's super sad and I wont get into it. She has a pet chihuahua and it had lice or fleas or something and the stupid dog kept trying to come sit by me so I finally kicked it in the middle of this lesson! I'm pretty sure she saw too but she didn't say anything.

After church yesterday we went to go find this house that the zone leaders gave us from a referral they had. It was clear at the end of our area and it took us awhile to find it. It was up this dirt road and not many houses. We parked on the road and walked up to the house and nobody answered. They had two other little trailer houses farther back on the property so we decided to go knock on the doors of them. While walking back I got a super creepy feeling like somebody punched me in the stomach. I didn't say anything though so we walked to the first building and nobody answered and then the next one which was actually a school bus that was turned into a house. On both buildings were padlocks on the outside of them, but it looked like someone lived in them. Hard to explain. Immediately the story of the guy who kept kidnapped people in his backyard came to my mind and I told my companion that I had an off feeling about this place and she was like I thought the same thing! She called up the Zone Leaders to get more information and to ask about it and while she was on the phone I was kind of snooping around and found this crater hole with tin roof coverings over it so I pulled out my light from my bike and tried to turn it on to shine it down and it wouldn't turn on! Just then my comp. got off the phone and called me over and as soon as I walked away my light turned on! We eventually left after talking to some random sketchy lady who drove by and claimed to be the provider. She was super uneasy that we were there. There is probably some slave trade going on it that place and I almost got murdered but we have to go back this week to try and contact it again. That place gave me the willies.

We also had exchanges this week and I went with a companion to McAllen. It was weird being in a neighborhood with real houses. It was an English area and the people there were such butts. They were super rude. We got the doors closed in our faces a lot. Our lesson was in English and so it was hard to teach but this little second grade boy did tell me that I "have a good style" It was hilarious.  I love my ghetto La Jola though. I held a parrot yesterday. It bit me of course! I decided that animals and I share a mutual feeling if we don't like each other; especially the nappy dogs down here.

I guess I better leave you all with something about Jesus and such. Life is hard and we all aren't perfect but that's the great thing about the atonement. We are all here to learn and to become better people. This life is for progression and to come unto Christ. Some days are rough and I want to give up and others I help so many people and I forget about my problems. God has us in the palm of his hands. He is looking out for us. When things are good he rejoices with us and when things are hard that is when he carries us. If there is one thing that I have learned here it would be that I don't believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason; every person we meet, we met them for a reason. Make sure that you are the reason that somebody wanted to become better. The Lord watches over us with the tiny things and with the big things. Always notice the Lord's hand and life will become so much more rich. Trials make you become stronger. I believe that we have trials because we have something we need to learn from them. Make sure you learn from them or you go through them for nothing.

I love you all! Thank you for all of the support and prayers and letters! I think about you all daily! Have a great week! And be the miracle in somebody's life.
Hermana Thompson!

Jesus Mural 

Schooling the Mexis in Soccer

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