Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hola todos!

I hope I have enough time to write what I want! This week was freakin' nuts! God gave me a big bite of humble pie.

It has starting to get super hot and extremely humid! My hair looks like a Jew fro sometimes.  I'll wake up in the middle of the night and I'm so sweaty. It's gross but it builds character.

Lately I've been praying to see a miracle and this is my little experience. We had a dinner appointment at a members' house, who I really enjoy. She made us Mole. If you don't know what mole is, I envy you. My companion asked her what was in it. It was fried animal crackers, hot chocolate, tomatoes, apple, peppers and a pear. They  put it in a blender and make it into a sauce and then put it over chicken. It looks the same coming in your body as it does coming out. My miracle was that I managed to eat an entire plate without throwing up. I think it's the only food here that I've managed to eat slowly. Luckily she didn't force me to eat seconds like everyone else does. The days we have two meal appointments in a row kill me. Yesterday we did and then after we went to a third house and they kept saying I was too skinny. (this was after I ate like 3 plates of food) needless to say I managed to eat literally half a watermelon because every time I finished a piece somehow there would be another on my plate. When we got in the car my companion just laughs and said "How do you feel?!" ... "Full. I feel full."

I was also bit by a pig this week! People have weird pets. I counted all of my tallies for how many dogs we have been chased by so far in my mission -- 222!! I hate them all.

The first lesson I learned this week is even though I'm a missionary I can't do stupid things. I have bugged my companion to go teach in this voodoo store that a member lives behind. Finally she let me but she waited at the door while I talked to the guy and taught him. After we left I told her that I felt creepy and she said she did too. She then asked if I knew what that place was. I was like, "No, not really, I just thought it would be cool to convert a voodoo man." (dumb idea) I guess it was a santa muerta store which in English means death saint. They worship death and have death shrines. She then told me that they worship it and have brought people back to life and a few other crazy stories. It's pretty much a Satan worshipping thing. I was like "WHAT?! Why did you let me go in there?!!??" and my companion said, " I thought you knew!!" We couldn't get back into the spirit of things the whole day and it sucked. I'm trying to remember that I'm not invincible. We also found a Buddhist temple that we thought was a house but it was cool. We talked to a Chinese man. He was nice.

We went by a recent converts' house this week who stopped coming to church. It's a family of 7. They have been trying to get help from the Bishop and having a hard time paying taxes. When we walked in I noticed they had a brand new TV that was like 60 in. and we got talking to them and she said she didn't like to go to church because she didn't like wearing a dress and that's why they don't go anymore and that they are trying to pay their bills and a few other excuses and that they were having a hard time. I was like just wear pants to church then! I asked her what the real reason was that she didn't want to come because that was a dumb reason not to go to church. She was saying they are having a hard time because they needed to buy a work visa or something. So we pointed at the TV and we were like then why did you buy a new TV?!  She told us she got it from a pawn shop for 200 dollars. Which is a lie. I was like well what else? She told us that her friend told her that we aren't Christians because we are called Mormons. I sat there thinking and my companion was like do you know how to answer that? ... I took off my name tag and I asked "What is the name of our church? she answered. I asked, "What's the biggest lettering on my tag?!" She was silent because she knew where I was going with it. I said, "JESUCRISTO! Do you still think we aren't Christian?" My companion loves that I'm so blunt when we doubt bust.

We went by another less active this week. We were sitting there talking with the mom and the kids. One of the little girls who was about 3 brought her chair by mine and was eye balling me for like five minutes. She then went in the other room and came out with a dress on and sat by me again. She stared some more. She kept looking at my shoes. She left the room again and came back out with her shoes and I helped her put them on. She had my companion braid her hair and she came and sat by me and crossed her legs like mine. It was adorable. It took me back a minute and made me realize that people are watching everything we do. I feel like a normal person but we are representatives of Jesus Christ. We are literally disciples of Christ. That's all we do 7 days a week is be the mouth piece that Christ wants us to be. It made me realize that little girl was watching me and wanted to be like me and that's how we need to look at Christ is to watch him and study him in the Bible, etc. and become more like him because he was the ultimate example.

We meet so many people and hear so many dark things in people's lives whether it's about people's children dying, people being burned in a fire, husbands in jail and not being able to provide for their kids, stories of abuse and peoples kids on drugs, we have heard it all. The other day we were in the car driving and my companion asked what I was thinking. I told her that I was frustrated because I want to help these people with all of their problems. I told her that when they tell me they become my problems and that I was a little overwhelmed because I have the problems of many now and not just mine! My companion then asked me "Do you know what that means?"  I said, "Yeah, a headache!" She said, "That means you love the people," Love is hard! It hurts so good. Although I can't give everyone their papers and bring their loved ones back to life or make drugs disappear I can give them the ultimate gift and bring them to Christ. Helping others remember that Christ died on the cross and the atonement has already been paid for; it's already been done! The biggest thing I ask people is if they are going to let his death be in vain or if they are going to accept him. This life is going to go on and we are going to have our trials either way. I tell people that and I ask them if they are going to go through this crazy adventure alone or if they want to go through it with Christ because I've done both and it's a lot easier with Christ! Christ chose us before we chose him. It's been a blessing to see people change and to help their souls.

It doesn't take a mission to be a missionary or to be an example. We are all on this earth to learn. Although we all have different trials and problems we all want to end up in the same place; on the right hand of God. Help those around you because I can literally tell you that you would be surprised at what people are going through whether you know it or not. Be kind. People won't remember the things you said or the clothes you wore but they will remember how you made them feel. Charity is the true love of Christ. I hope you all have a good week! Thank you for the love and support and prayers. Te Amo!!

Thompson Street! 

This is what our backyard looks like. right when you open the door there is like 5 feet of grass haha!

"nor responsible for accidents" outside our apartment haha  

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