Monday, April 4, 2016


April 4, 2016

Hello family! 

Giving Sister Smith a bowl cut
I don't have much to say this week! So I'll keep this one nice and short. 
Robert is doing really well. He came to 3 of the 4 sessions of Conference! He loved it. He bought us Chick Fil A between sessions yesterday. It was delightful. 

Happy Easter!!
I'm trying to think of anything cool that happened. We had some meetings in McAllen- that was fun. We drove with the Elders in the mini van and had a good chat on the way. 

The Elders put a massager in our mailbox for my hurt shoulder
The work is going great. my favorite talk this week was Elder Holland's. That one touched home and I loved it. 

Random chickens running around
The gospel is true! I love being a missionary! Things are busy and going great down here. The weather is nice!:) 

Sister Moore has my back!

Thanks for the love and support! 
Sister Thompson

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