Tuesday, April 26, 2016


 April 26, 2016

One last walk to the river
ANOTHER ONE AND DONE!! This is my 4th area in 4 transfers. I've almost been in every zone of the mission! I am excited to be here in Brownsville but I was NOT ready to leave Laredo. I left on Wednesday and missed our baptism of Berenice that was on Sunday:( and I'll be missing Roberts in two weeks. I loved that area so so much! God has other plans for me here and I'm trying to have a good attitude about it. I feel just as homesick leaving Laredo as I did when I went to the MTC. We have been really busy here and so that's been a big help. 

My zone in Laredo
Saying bye to Robert
Our investigator, Ysenia, and her boyfriend, Diego, who is a member.  She will get baptized soon too.
I had to get a picture with Bere since I wouldn't be there for her Baptism.  She is so cute.  I guess at the Baptism the whole family was crying and it was a spiritual moment for the family.  The whole family has been less-active and they were all there and so it is amazing to see that even the youngest can be the example :)

Our new apartment is super ghetto. We live across from a gay bar. That's where we spend our after 9 p.m. hours of the day. Haha just kidding. But on the reals, I found a cockroach in my bed the other night. This morning there was also one on my desk that ran under some books. I just left him under there because I didn't want to lift the books up to have it come running at me. We had a good study this morning that cockroach and I. We are getting a new apartment in a week or so which is awesome. I haven't even unpacked anything haha so I will get the address of our new apartment to you next week. For now send everything to the mission office and I will get it. 

 I am in the Casa Linda Branch. It is Spanish speaking. I haven't been in a Spanish ward in 6 months.  I am literally the only white person. My companion is Sister Guzman she is from Mexico and she is the sweetest person ever. All the cute little Mexicans, when they meet us, they turn to her and ask her if I speak Spanish. It makes me laugh. I got to see my converts, the Montez family from San Benito, the other night at a Stake activity. Timmy the little boy told me I looked different and that I got fat. It was such a joyous moment! We are having an exchange with the San Benito sisters tonight and so we will be having dinner with the Montez family right before.
So that's all of what's going on for now. Now for the real news. Guess who came to visit our mission!!!! I have been dying to say this for weeks but had to wait until after. 

Elder Holland!!! The whole mission got together in McAllen and he came and talked with us! Before the meeting we got to take a picture with him! While we were waiting they had us all go in the gym by height and I am the tallest sister in the mission! Not important.

All the missionaries in my mission with Elder Holland
Anyways, I got to shake is hand and he looked me straight into my eyes. Literally pierced my soul! Haha. His eyes are so blue! He later said that he did that with all of us and said it was to interview us. I didn't get struck down by lightning so I guess I passed! It was by far one of the most spiritual experiences of my entire life to be in that chapel listening to an Apostle of God talk to the missionaries. I was sitting on the front row which made it even better. He walked around the chapel and talked with us about the Spirit and prayer. At one point he and I locked eyes and he said, "You can have anything you want in this life. It is yours, if you do it the Lord's way." It was as if he were talking directly to me at that moment. Everyone in the room disappeared and it was him and me. He talked of the importance it is to invite the Spirit in all that we do. He said that Jesus is not here with us physically and neither is God but the Spirit is and he IS a God. I had never thought of it that way. He told us that we are God's investigators. That the things we are out there begging our investigators to do are the things that God wants us to be doing and magnifying. I cant even put into words how amazing yesterday was. My life will never be the same. It was as if everything I had been trying to do and learn and be, I was able to see truly from God's perspective. God opened my eyes and let me see the plans he has for myself and for each and every person I come to meet. 

Elder Holland, President & Sister Fredes, and Elder Robbins
I am grateful for my mission. It scares me to think of how close I was to not serving one and oh how my life would be so different. I am grateful for second chances and for the ability to grow and serve God's children here in South Texas. There are miracles and trials I have been a part of that will remain deep within my being forever and I am eternally grateful for the Atonement and the Grace of God. 

I love you all. You are important to me and have played a large part in me being where I am today. I thank God daily for my love and support. 
Love Hermana Thompson  

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