Monday, April 11, 2016

I live in Texico

April 11, 2016

This week was nuts! Sister Moore and I worked together for a total of one day. We had lots of exchanges. It was fun though. I learn a lot from the other sisters. They are all so awesome! 

Sister Stanfil and me.
 I always take the sisters to the river on exchanges because only our area touches the border.
They love it!
Sister Hortel and me. We came out together.
She is the STLT (Sister AP)
Two pals sneakin' into Mexico
Throwing rocks across to Mexico
On Saturday, we stopped by Robert's house. Usually when we teach him it's outside on the porch. He has some little rocking chairs that we always sit in. Anyway, when we got there the chairs were further down on their patio. We sat down and started talking to him. I noticed behind him, leaned up against the house, was a Santisimo Muerte statue (death saint). We had never seen it until then because we were always sitting in a different spot. I talked to him about it and we talked about the Holy Ghost and the Trinity. I asked him if we could take it from him because it's not good. It's basically devil worship although they don't see it that way. It looks like the grim reaper and she is supposed to take your soul to God. And if you disrespect her or something she will kill you. To get rid of it you cant throw it away, you have to leave it somewhere or gift it to someone. Anyway Robert was like, "I'll make a deal with you, the next time you guys ride bikes and no dogs chase you or bite you, you can take it." I told him that we were actually going to drive down to Rio Bravo and bike there after we left his house. We made the deal with him and told him that we would come back at the end of the night to let him know what happens. I was a little worried because Rio has stray dogs all over that place! I had never said so many prayers in my life for dogs to not chase us. We went through the entire day without any dogs chasing us. It was cool because we would bike past some and I thought for sure they would and they didn't! It was literally a Christmas miracle. Anyway, we went back later that night to Robert's and tell him the good news and to fork over the statue. When we walked over to where it had been sitting it was moved from up off of the ground onto one of the chairs we had been sitting on earlier. Robert was a little freaked out because he asked his whole family who moved it and none of them did. He was super afraid that if I destroyed it that it would come harvest my soul. I told him that God wouldn't let that happen. Robert's little nephew who is 2 years old kept walking over to where the statue had been sitting on the ground and he kept saying "Cucui" which means "Ghost" in Spanish. Long story short I took the statue and smashed it against a wall later that night. 

Robert wanted a picture with his Santisimo Muerte statue before I took it.
Robert's marijuana plant.

Robert made us tripas, which is cow intestines.  I watched him clean the poop out of them.

We have tons of people we are teaching right now. Our area is awesome. I love Laredo. The other day while we were at the river we talked with a border patrol guy named Victor while he was in his truck. We asked him questions and we taught him the restoration. It was the coolest thing ever. He also gave us a whole bag of grape gum. We talked with him for like 45 minutes, I'm pretty sure some Mexicans snuck across during that time! haha sorry not sorry. After we left I told Sister Smith that he was going to get baptized someday. Then a few days later we were on another exchange and we were in Rio Bravo, which is a little town that we cover. We were walking down to the river when a border patrol pulls up to us and it was Victor!! I guess he was talking to one of his coworkers and told him that he knew us and had to come talk to us. He walked down to the river with us too! Then he was like, "Want some snacks?" Of course I said, "yes!" He gave us jerky and capri suns. It was not a coincidence that we saw him again in another city on the day he was working. The Lord has a sense of humor and has been good to us.

Every Friday we go with the Elders to a look-out over Mexico and eat potatoes for lunch.
This is our district on "Potato Friday."  I don't participate because the potatoes
aren't from Idaho.
My companion and the sisters we live with.
                                 Hipster Missionaries

I love my mission and I am growing and learning everyday. It's amazing to see God's plan unfold right before our eyes and to see how much He cares about us, even the little things. Although that doesn't mean that it is going to be easy but as long as we are trying He will make up the rest. I love preaching the Gospel. I love the people. Thank you for your continual support and love y'all have shown towards me. I am grateful for this opportunity to not only change my own life but the lives of many others and that has been the most rewarding part. I love y'all. 
Hermanita Thompson

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