Monday, January 25, 2016

New Calling

January 25, 2016

Our sweet rides
This morning during personal study I was having a good ole spiritual time when the phone rings. We have a scary ring tone set for if the mission president calls!  This scary ring tone started to go off and I saw that it was president so I hurried and handed the phone to my greenie and was like "It's President, answer it!" (perks to training) She answers it and he asked for me so I talked with him for a little bit and he told me that I am called to be a STL (Sister Training Leader) which is like the girl version of a zone leader. I am being transferred to CalAllen, which is in the Sinton zone (35 minutes away). My new companion I think is Sister Tervort.  She and I lived together in San Benito. She was Sister Tovars last companion. We are in charge of the Sinton Zone Sisters and the Corpus Christi Zone sisters.  Sister Castro is staying here in our area so I will still be able to go on exchanges with her. We are going to be living in a members home.  I was on an exchange there earlier this week and had the thought "I'd hate to live here",  so God has a sense of humor. She has the UGLIEST dog too and I want to drop kick it!  It will be great.  I am excited for this next step and the things I will learn. I told the zone leaders that I probably got called by default because they had nobody else to ask. I guess I have changed a lot this transfer. The district, zone leaders and president all told me that at different times. I hope in good ways! 

A few miracles this week! After 4 years of neck and shoulder pain I finally found out what is going on! About 3 weeks ago I finally decided to call the nurse again to go to the doctor. She told me I could go to the doctor and have him refer me to physical therapy or go to the chiropractor. I prayed about it and had the impression to go to the doctor and get an x ray of my neck. I told her that I wanted to go to the doctor and take that route. When I went he wasn't going to do an x ray but I insisted on one. He gave me the recommendation for one and I went. On Monday I had the follow up for the results of the x ray. After forever waiting we got in there and he looked at the results and told me that I have Cervical ribs and that they are super rare. People usually only have one when they have them but I have two! So I have an  two extra ribs up by my neck area! I told him that I should be in the circus! He laughed and then was like "Hey, wasn't Eve made from the rib of Adam? You could go make yourself a boyfriend!" I guess from the trauma of the snowboarding accident to the shoulder made it worse.  They are painful because where the nerves and veins come out there are ribs right there pinching them and causing neck pain.  I'll be doing physical therapy and getting a T.E.N.S unit and tough it out until I get home and then I'll have to have surgery to take them out.
We had Taryns baptism on Saturday. It was such a special day for all of us. Everyone that prayed, sang, talked and even the baptismal prayer, were in tears. The family has been waiting for a long time for that day. They had family from Houston and San Antonio come down. They were so grateful to us for teaching her and helping her to take those steps. We are very proud of her and the example she has been and will continue to be for her family and especially her dad. They all come to church and it makes me so happy! 

Taryn's Baptism on Saturday
Right now I am in a trio with two greenies.  Sister Northcott finished her mission and so I'm in charge of her greenie too. It's been nice. We have been using it to our advantage to go in our single men's houses that we have been teaching; like Karl and Robert. It's been a headache too. There have been lots of tears about transfers and so I'm already getting to practice my "comforting skills" as a STL. I kind of have a headache already! It's been such a fun transfer. I have learned so much about myself through training and being here in Corpus. It has been one of my favorite areas. I am super butt hurt to leave. We have SO many people that we have found and are teaching. They have all been progressing and coming to church but I know Sister Castro will take care of them! I have grown to love this ward so much and the people here. Everyone who has come into my path has become a little part of me. I feel like I'm going to throw up and my heart is going to explode. I really do love and care about these people and I think I have a little taste of what coming home is going to feel like! 

This work is great. There really is nothing greater than helping another person become happy. I have made so many life and eternal long friends along the way. Some old friends from the pre- mortal life too. Being a missionary is hard. You feel EVERYTHING. One lesson you go from the happiest moment ever and the next lesson you go from crying from the pains people share of their lives. I literally feel so bipolar but that's how different the people we are teaching are from each other! When I first started the mission I used to think about home a lot during lessons and things but now during lessons I'm thinking about other lessons previous and worrying about them or being happy for them. I can't even imagine the thought and care that Christ feels for all of us! Are we making Him cry or are we making Him rejoice with us? The price is already paid for us to choose!

Saying bye to the Oblads (my brother-in-law's brother)

I love you all! Thank you for your love and support! Have a great week! Sending love from Corpus.
Love Sister Thompson 

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