Monday, January 11, 2016

Brrrrr from Corpus!

January 11, 2016

Island Model
Another week gone! They are getting faster and faster! Today we went to the aquarium with our zone and that was fun right up until the end. I was having a joyous time petting the sting rays and one of them was doing this weird suction thing on my hand and as I was giggling it bit me! I did not know they had teeth! I can cross that off on my list of animals that hate me, right next to parrots, octopus, goats and horses. But for finger is bleeding. I was SO mad! 

My hurt finger from the stupid sting ray!
View from the aquarium
New outfits for days!
My lover- he's waiting for me!

We are teaching a single mother and her two girls. The mom is Lisa and the two girls are Jalyssa who is ten and Bella who is 6. One of our members found them and took them to the homeless shelter a few weeks ago. The mom had to go to the hospital and didn't have anyone else to call but our member. They took the girls in and watched them and brought them to church. The little 6 year old Bella loves me for some reason. She called us after church to see if we were going over to the members house they were staying at and then she was like "I will see you soon. I love you!" We went over to the members house after church for dinner because we eat with them every Sunday. We rode bikes with the kids and played hide and seek. They went and picked the mom up from the hospital and we all had dinner. Afterwards we showed them the video  "The will of God" which is a favorite of mine.  It was one of the most spiritual messages I've given as a missionary. This cute little family already has my heart. Bella called us later that night again to say, "Goodnight, don't let the bed bugs bite." It tugged at my heart strings a little bit. I was telling my companion, "Why can't we all be like little children? So accepting and loving so easily." What is it that makes us change that? I feel like the Lord feels that way towards all of us. 

Racing bikes up the street
The gang
I love all of the people we have the privilege to teach. Most times they teach me more than I teach them!  Whether it's the lessons we have that go from thinking "I'm going to getting murdered during this lesson" to people you love right from the start we are all on this earth for the same reason whether we know it or not and I love all the people we get to meet and teach.

We are in charge of the YSA Ward as well as our own Ward.  We are the only missionaries in our Ward too!  It's been good.  This is us at Institute.
Riding bikes at night
The work is great and our area is blowing up! I'm glad that the Lord is blessing us with such a successful and miracle filled transfer! I love you all! Have a pleasant week! 

Love Sister A. Thompson 

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