Wednesday, January 20, 2016

11 Months Done!!!

January 19, 2016

This was a little library thing in front of someone's house.  It was "take a book" and "give a book."  I gladly gave the Book of Mormon and traded it for my favorite childhood book, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" :)
This week was a good one! We did lots of service. I've never used a machete more in my entire life. We chopped some banana trees down and I loved every minute of it. The guy we were doing service for told me that I had the biggest grin on my face; but for reals it was awesome. 

Cutting Trees
We have another baptism! This Saturday Taryn is getting baptized. I don't remember if I have told you about her-- I think I have. Her grandpa is a bishop up in San Antonio and gave us a call a few weeks ago and pretty much told us to go make sure she receives the lessons and gets baptized. We have been working with her and we are excited for her to be baptized this week!
We are still teaching Lisa and her two girls. We had a lesson with them at our members house on Sunday. We taught them the plan of salvation with a dry erase board and I drew pictures for them. They told me afterwards they were impressed that I could draw so well upside down. We also set a baptism date for them on February 21st. They are so excited. Jalyssa asked if she could be baptized right then! It was cute! Afterwards we taught the girls and Lisa how to pray. We had them each pray and when it was Lisa's turn to pray she prayed that she could find a job. The next day she gave us a call early in the morning and she got the job at Burger King that she applied for!  She was so excited that God answered her prayer and helped her to get a job.

Gabby wants to be a missionary too!
Yesterday Sister Castro went with Sister Northcott (a sister we live with) down to go see if the Elders had flour so they could make cookies. In the parking lot this man yells "PRIMA" to sister Castro. Turns out he is her cousin who she hasn't seen in 14 years! He lives in our apartment complex! It was crazy that he even recognized her! We went to lunch with them. I don't think they are members so we are going to get them baptized too;) She was super excited about that. They are from the Virgin Islands. Their Spanish is cool sounding.
We have transfers this week on the 24th. The zone leaders keep telling me that I am going to be a STL (Sister Training Leader) next transfer. I kind of hope they are wrong. I have a hunch that I am done in Corpus but I could see myself staying to finish training too. I literally can't tell what neighborhoods I have knocked on because I feel like they all look the same and so it's been a struggle lately. Our area is doing great and we are seeing lots of great things here.
Missionary work is hard but so satisfying at the same time. I love all the people we have here to work with. They are all so different and great. I have learned so much from each of them and from this transfer too! Thank you for your love and support!
Love Hermana Thompson  

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