Monday, February 1, 2016

Transfer 8

February 1, 2016

Hello from wherever I am!!! I don't think I have much time to email today because we are leaving for a meeting down in McAllen. I'm not a huge fan of meetings because I get bored haha but it will be good. This past week I have been sick. I sound like a 12 year old little boy when I talk -- it's been great. I just want to go into a mini-coma. Most of the groceries I bought was medicine! 

Saying goodbye to Karl
Recent convert and investigators
Sister Castro's cousins we started teaching
Another family we are teaching with the Lebaron family
Saying bye to the Hulls
Not exactly sure where I am still, but this week has been full that's for sure! We are white washing, so it's been a lot of guessing and going by members houses. We live with a member. She is a single lady in her 60s.  She has a dog named Coco that looks like he is on crack. He is crazy. She got mad at me for teasing him, oops. This area reminds me a lot of Idaho but just a lot more flat! Our area is called Cal Allen and we are here in the Sinton Zone. I'm still in the same stake as my last area so that will be nice.  I will still get to see the members from there. That doesn't say much though because the boundaries down here are huge! There are a ton of fields everywhere and it definitely is Texas. When I think of Texas, I think of a place like this city. The other day we went to a members home for dinner and they have 2 pet pigs! It was the coolest thing ever! One of the sisters said, "Sister Thompson, I bet you won't lay down with them" so of course I had to! I thought that they were going to bite me for sure! 

This family had pet pigs in their home!  I was not expecting that when I got there!
They literally gave us like 20 minutes to write! I love you all. I have to go! There will be lots to write about until next time! I love you!!

Love Sister Thompson 

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