Monday, August 22, 2016

Out with a BANG!

August 22, 2016

This week was super nuts!!!!!!!!! It's been hard saying goodbye to people. I couldn't have asked for a better last transfer. 

Saying bye to the Guerras

The Bojorquez family.  We are helping the little girl to be baptized

A few days ago I was saying my nightly prayers. I asked God to please let Sister Eggett and I to have another baptism together even though I don't deserve it. It was a sincere prayer but I was a little skeptical but I just put things in his hands.

Saturday night we dropped Miguel. He had been sending us texts all week long saying that we were selfish missionaries and that he was going to call the temple to tell them that we just force people to do things. I had a good laugh about that. So Saturday he texted us that he was sorry and that he had been talking to someone at work about us and they had told him that the Mormon missionaries do a lot for the community and they told him how much we actually do as missionaries. He felt pretty bad and then texted us and apologized. I texted him back that we forgive him and that we are not mad. Then I was like, "You have sent some rude messages to us in the past few months and so I'm going to ask you to not text us anymore." He never replied. 

The next day (yesterday) we got a phone call at like 9 in the morning from our zone leaders saying that Miguel was at the church with his clothes ready to get baptized! He didn't want us to be there because he thought we were mad at him but that he still wanted to be baptized. After two hours of phone calls to the District leader, the Zone leaders, our Branch President, and Miguel, we finally decided that he could be baptized in our Branch after church. We were going to do it before church but the Elders had a baptism too so we planned on 4:00. During church I called our District leader to ask him if the font was full yet before we started heading over there (we don't have a font in our building). He told us that the church had flooded and that the font was filling with sewer water!! SO we arranged it to be at another building and so we had to rearrange everything. Everyone knew but Miguel! We went over to the church where he was supposed to be baptized and told him what was going on and so he followed us to the other church! 

Miguel following us to his Baptism
It was seriously the most stressful and yet rewarding day of my mission. I have been teaching Miguel for 4 months and it was a joyful moment for me to be a witness of his baptism! Right before he got baptized he was standing in the font and yelled "VIVA MEXICO!" hahahaha! And then his sins were gone. 

He finally did it!
I am grateful for my mission and for the things that I have learned from these people. I have learned to love others the way God loves them. I have learned the importance of always following the Spirit and being worthy of it. Everything we do must be to invite the Spirit. I know that because Jesus Christ and God can't be with us here in person that we have the Holy Ghost who is a God to help us along the way. God is so merciful and full of grace. I am grateful for the miracles that I have been a part of: for the hell, tears, sweat, blood and pain that I have felt to help me experience the most TINY bit of what Christ went through. I'm grateful for the pure bliss that I have felt as a result of the trials I have gone through. I know that we are here to learn. I know that Christ carried a cross a lot heavier than our heaviest burden. A lot heavier than my backpack full of copies of the Book of Mormon. I know that this is His church. That he is in the details of our lives. Rock bottom is the foundation on which I have built the rest of my life and I know that God will always be my rock. I know that people are put into our lives for a reason. Angels are among us everyday. I know that we have a living prophet and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I am grateful for having an eye-opening experience such as this so that I can help others. I am truly grateful for my parents and the example they have shown me. I know that I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for the choices they have made in their lives. 

In college I took an auto class thinking there would be cute boys and there wasn't!  So I had to pay attention.  Little did I know that I learned something from that class to use on my mission.  Our car died like five times so I had to jump it!!
The Falco family got me a tres leches cake for my birthday mmmmmm mmmmm mmmm
My family in the background (my mom sent head shot pictures of everyone in my family for my birthday)
My mom sent me Gushers for my birthday.  When I opened them I found this bag of oatmeal from my brother, Tyler.  He ate all my Gushers!
My favorite members took me out to Denny's for my Birthday.  Sister Artega told me that she brought me here because it was a very "white person" place ha ha!  I love these people
At Denny's
Happy Birthday to me!  It was Elder Hawkins' birthday too.  We celebrated our birthdays together last year too haha!

I love you all. Thank you for the love and support! 
Con amor, 
                                Hermana Thompson

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