Tuesday, August 16, 2016

One Week Left!!

August 15, 2016

This week was crazy!

So Miguel has been acting super weird with us. We had a lesson with him earlier in the week and he asked us for $100 dollars for gas or he wasn't going to make it to his baptism. We told him that we couldn't give him money as missionaries and that we were probably more poor than he is because we don't work. Sister Eggett asked him if he had eaten that day and he said no and so she gave him a coupon for a free taco that a member gave us. He has been making excuses every week for why he can't make it to his baptism so finally i just told him, " Miguel we will be at the church at 3:00 on Saturday with everything ready and we will wait for you and hope you make it to your own baptism." Then later that night he texted us a super rude text saying that he got sick from his (FREE) taco and that he was mad at us..... (he does stuff like that all the time). We still waited for him at the church the next day and like 25 people showed up but Miguel didn't. We haven't heard from him since. I don't think I've worked with anyone in my mission as long as I have with Miguel. We have been teaching him for about four months now. It just made me sad that he chose to not come. He has a super strong testimony but is literally choosing to be unhappy. We did all that we could and I still hope and pray that he will choose the right path.

We have found some awesome families that we have started to teach. One of them is a family with 6 boys! They are awesome. We found them contacting last week. We also found another family that we randomly knocked on their door because we got lost and it turns out that the husband is a member and was baptized in Mexico. He is super inactive so we are going to reactivate him and baptize his wife and kid! :) 

Yesterday we had a crazy day. We worked for two hours before church and then we got in our car to go to church and our battery was dead. So we got to church just in time for Sacrament. We had the other sisters come and get us. Then we were supposed to teach the Gospel Principles class and Relief Society (we found out that morning) so we were super stressed out. We ended up having the Senior couple teach the Gospel Principles class so that we could prepare something for Relief Society and not look like idiots. It went super well though. I feel like it would have been a lot easier in English but i think that was the point. We learned a lot. Then we went on an echange because some of the sisters were having problems. One of them was really homesick and depressed and so they had me go with her (I'm not homesick and depressed). That's always a lot of pressure. I always freak out a little with those exchanges because whatever I say and do is either going to help them or make it worse. During our exchange we went to one of our member's houses and while walking through the gate a huge pit bull came and started fighting with their dog. It was actually really scary. The sister got out the hose and sprayed it and the dog still wouldn't leave. So I went inside and got a broom and came out and tried to scare it off and it wouldn't leave. So I started to hit it with the broom and our member kept freaking out that it was going to bite me. Her kids were outside like hiding behind things to not get bit and I didn't want her to get bit either! I eventually got the dog out by pulling on its collar and dragging it out the gate and then we closed the gate. Then after, her son sprayed me down with the hose! Little punk- haha. Yesterday was nuts. 

Shocks, pegs, lucky!
Our members are so great here! They take such good care of us! We went to one member's house and she insisted that Sister Eggett and I take a nap! We were like "No we can't we have to go work!" She was like, "It's too hot today to work." Little old Mexican ladies are agressive! She made us sit on her couch and she lifted my feet up to lay down haha so Sister Eggett and I pretended to take a nap for like 15 minutes! When she would walk out of the room we would whisper funny things to each other.  The membetrs always feed us like crazy too! Though I'll miss free food, I wont miss feeling like a full whale riding my bike in the hot sun! It sometimes feels like you feel after thanksgiving and then being in an oven while someone blows a blow dryer in your eyes!
Well everyone I love you all! I hope you have a great week! Thank you for everyting and for all of the love and support! 
Hermana Thompson 

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