Monday, August 8, 2016


August 8, 2016

This week was super great! We had interviews again with our president. His advice for me to end my mission was to love the people that we serve. To show them love and to feel the love from them. I loved that advice. This work is nothing if you have no love. 

My little homies
I got to see Sister Lance this week too! That was fun! She came down with her family and we went to Taco Bell with them. We had a good time catching up about La Joya and all of our good adventures down there. 

Sister Lance and me

Also the other day I got a phone call and the person on the other line was speaking in Spanish and kept laughing and asking for me. It took me a second but I realized it was Sister Whitten- another old companion of mine! She is down here in Texas and got our phone number and so we talked for a minute! It was so fun to hear from both of them! They are doing great.

The Elders washing our car
We are still working with Miguel. He has been a little depressed lately and some things came up so we decided to tell him we are moving his baptism until he feels better. He agreed that would be a good idea. He is doing a lot better now and we are still meeting with him here at the library frequently. 

Church selfie with Miguel
Our new mission president is having a huge focus on getting a temple down here. The church just released a video about him from when he was a Stake President in Guatemala. You'll have to look for it it's super good. He is having us work a lot with reactivating families in the Branches and Wards that we serve in. There are several families that we have been working with and I must tell you it is such a rewarding feeling having families come back to church who havn't gone in 2-6 years and knowing that we were a small part of helping them to come back! Our Branch is slowly growing bigger again.

On exchanges with Sister Espinoza
Sister Eggett and I have been taking out the youth a lot to come with us and do missionary work. It's so fun to see them bear their testimonies to the people that we are teaching. I always like to make them give the message too. Just something simple like sharing their favorite scripture. They always love it and do such a good job. My goal is to get their missionary fire going so that they will share the gospel with their friends and be comfortable doing it and to also have the desire to go on a mission! There is a boy named Rigo who we take out with us and he is 15. He is excited for school to be back in because he is bored with summer. The kids down here all say that-probably because it's so hot down here to do anything so they are stuck inside all day. We have been taking him out with us to get him out of the house and it's been fun getting to know him and his family too. I really love working with the youth and the members too. These people have my heart. I have noticed that a lot of people just don't know how to do missionary work and it's been a joy showing them how easy it is. I love watching their eyes light up when they share their testimonies. That's my favorite part. 

We had to wait for our ride outside the Elders' apartment since we can't go inside
Then the Elders came to our apartment and we all ate Jack Fruit as a District.
It tastes like candy!
This week has been a good one! We had lots of meetings and random things to do so I feel like nothing super cool happened! I'm super happy to be here and I have loved my mission so much and all of the things that it has taught me! I love these people and I love this work. It makes me ill to think of how close I was to not coming out on a mission and all that I would have missed out on. 

We went out to Chinese food as a District

We never stop sweating!
I love you all. Thank you for your continuous love and support! Have an excellent week!
Hermana Thompson

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