Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Brownsville Adventures

June 13, 2016

Hello from Mexas!!!! 
This week was so awesome! Jennifer was baptized on Thursday night! That is always such a rewarding moment for not only us as missionaries but to God too. Half of the people that came to the baptism were not members of the church. Jennifer was able to be an example to them through her faith and willingness to follow our Savior. It was such a beautiful baptism! When she came out of the water we followed her into the bathroom and hugged her. She just cried and cried she was so happy! That's the only time I enjoy seeing people cry! It was a tender little moment for all of us! She was able to receive the Holy Ghost on Sunday at church and that was awesome too. 

Filling the font
Jennifer's Baptism

Odon is the 80 year old man that we are teaching. He too came to church yesterday! He loved it. We talked about Adam and Eve and he was making jokes about men having an adams apple and women not. It was super funny. He is a cute little old man. He is missing most of his front teeth and so it is super hard to understand his Spanish sometimes. He probably thinks we are idiots. He always asks if I am more Mexican than sister Eggett. We try to tell him that SIster Eggett is from Mexico but he wouldn't have it. He is super adorable and we love going by to visit him. We went by last night after church and sung him a song. He is working on being baptized the beginning of July. 

Morning bike ride around the rasacas

We are still teaching Miguel. He dropped us a few weeks ago because his friends were making fun of him for investigating the church. About a week ago he texted us asking why prophets are prosecuted. We told him we would tell him if he met up with us and so he agreed and we had a lesson with him at Taco Bell. We have been meeting him in the library lately too. He is getting there but he still hasn't come to church and we are helping him to understand the importance of it. 

Jennifer kept teasing Sister Eggett that she is a Barbie.
While on an exchange we met a member who was super good at art and he gave me this painting :)
The other day we got permission from our district leader to do weekly planning at Texas Roadhouse. It was so fun! It actually reminded me more of home than Texas. Probably because I used to eat there once a week. It was a weird feeling. I got a little taste of how awkward I'm going to be when I get home. We had a good time. Our server kept hitting on us. It was super weird. He was like "I don't know how you guys do it!" We were like "do what?" and he was like "leave your boyfriends to come do this!" Then he was like "if I were either of your boyfriends I don't think I could let you leave!" hahaha. Then at the end of the meal I left him a Jesus card with the Elders' number on it;) and we went outside. While we were outside he came running out and thanked us for the card and said that he had been going through a hard time lately and that he was super grateful for the card and had asked us to pray for him. So we are hoping that he calls "us" (the Elders). 

This transfer has been SO dang fun. It's going by way too fast. We are teaching such great people and seeing success. We are always laughing about something too. Life is good and the mission is sweet. It's flying by way too fast. I love being here and I'm so grateful for all that I have learned from my mission. It's the best decision I've ever made with my life. There are things that I have seen and witnessed that will forever be a part of me and I'm so grateful for the humble people of Texas that I have had the privilege to serve! 

Sister Eggett is a Catholic
We have matching socks :)

I love you all thank you for your love and support! Have a fabulous week! 
                                  Con Amor, 
                                                          Hermanita Thompson

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