Tuesday, June 7, 2016

BeSt TrAnSfEr EvEr!!!

June 6, 2016

Companion car selfie
Hello family!! 
Sooo my new companion is.... Sister Eggett!! We lived together my first transfer as an STL in Sinton. We are having the time of our lives down here in Brownsville. This week has been a super fun one. We get along SUPER well. It's amazing the difference this transfer. Last transfer was okay but im looking forward to this transfer and the fun that we are going to have. This is Sister Eggett's first transfer as an STL. When we lived together three transfers ago I told her that we were going to be companions and that she was going to "kill" me on the mission! We are hoping it comes true. 

We play with puppets
Jennifer is all set to be baptized this Thursday. We found her my first day here. She was the first house we knocked on. She has changed so much since the first time we met her. Her mom and cousins have all noticed it too and so we are super excited for her progress and willingness to follow Jesus Christ. We have the baptism all planned out and everything is ready to go. It has been so fun getting to teach her and feel the love for her as I know God feels for all of us. Our area that we are in hasn't baptized in 8 months or so and we are excited to be a part of God's miracles. 

Brownsville scenery
This week was another busy one. When Sister Eggett got here on Tuesday we spent the evening contacting some houses and we had to get groceries. We also had MLC (Leadership training) in McAllen and so we had to go to that on Thursday. Then we stayed the night at the STLTs house (SIster Moore and Sister Reynolds) and we had a Zone Conference all day Friday. So we didn't have a lot of time to work in our area this week. I learned a lot at the meetings though. 

Brownsville scenery
There are a lot of cool members in our area. There is an older couple that feeds us every week. The Leichthammers. He is from Germany and she is from Mexico. They both used to be bilingual but she got in a car accident and forgot all of her English and he had a stroke and forgot all of his Spanish. So when we go over there one of us teaches the lesson in Spanish and the other translates it into English. It's super fun. She always feeds us like a 4 course meal. They take good care of us. 
We just got a branch mission leader. I don't know if they have ever had one and if they have it has been a really long time. It has helped a lot to have and this branch is going to grow and change so much now. His name is Hermano Arteaga. He is really sassy and so we have a good time teasing him too. He does really well at his calling and I'm excited to see the work move forward faster. 
Yesterday after church we were knocking on doors. This less-active family came into my mind so I decided that we needed to go by them and visit. I had only been there once like two or three weeks ago and I had never met the family- we had just knocked on the door and talked to the girl for a few minutes. So I followed the prompting to go to them. We got in the car and drove over to their trailer. We walked up and they were having a little BBQ outside and so we asked if they were the Perez family and it was. We sat down and got talking to them. She works as a health provider. Earlier in the conversation I noticed that there was an older man walking around the property. She told us later that he had lost his housing and that he was living in her shed. He was one of her clients. After awhile he came over and we talked to him he asked about the church and told us that he wanted to come and that he would be there every Sunday. He is an 80 year old man named Andon. It was a super cool miracle. We are going by again on Tuesday and we are going to teach him more about the church and help him prepare to accept the Gospel. It's amazing the miracles and blessings we see when we follow the simplest of promptings. Whether its going by to visit somebody you have never talked to or giving someone a card. I know that it's all for a reason far beyond anything we could ever comprehend. 
I'm super grateful for the chance to be down here in Texas serving God's children and for the many many blessings I have seen and experienced. I wouldn't trade my mission for anything. I know that God puts people into our lives for a reason. It is usually through others that he answers our prayers and its the best feeling in the world to BE an answer to someone's prayer. I am grateful for the miracles I have been a part of that have forever changed my very soul. I know that it is through the Grace of God that we are able to grow and become better everyday. I cant even imagine a life without progression. 
I love you all. Thank you for your love and support. I wouldn't be where I am today without the examples of my parents, family members, friends and my precious cousin Kiersten. 
Have a great week!! 
                                                          Love Hermana Thompson

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