Monday, March 7, 2016

Transfer 8 = Done.

March 7, 2016

Tomorrow is transfers! Where has time gone? This transfer was a hard one. In fact, this area has been one where I have learned a lot. We have only had one investigator to church and so i have been feeling like II have been doing nothing. The Lord always seems to take care of me and teach me during trials.  

We learned how to make origami dresses

On Saturday night, we were in the more poor part of our area contacting. It was the end of the night and the last house we talked to before going home. We went up to this trailer and this guy came out on crutches. He had his beard in a pony tail and I think he was on drugs. He was wearing a wife beater and had lots of tattoos. His name is Myron. We were talking with him and it turns out he had just moved there 3 days earlier. It also turns out that the elder who was emergency transfered out of the mission had taught him a few months ago! In the back of my head I was hoping this wasn't the same guy for why they had to leave! It's not. I'm pretty sure haha.  We got to talking with him and I asked him if he would come to church the next day.  He was like "Well, yeah sure there is a reason y'all stopped by here so I'd better go." He asked who told us to come by and I replied "God!" He liked that answer.

Sunday selfies
On Sunday, yesterday, we were going around getting people to church in the morning. I jokingly said to my companion, "Let's go by Myron and get him to come" (she was afraid of Myron and didn't want to).  I told her that was fine she didn't have to do it but that I was going to do it either way. We got to the street and I told Sister Eggett to get out with me to go ask him if he was coming. The other two sisters walked down to ask one of the neighbors we had been teaching if they were going to come to church. We knocked on Myron's trailer and he opens the door. I said, "Myron, are you coming to church today?" He looks at me and was like "Yeah! Let me go brush my teeth!" Long story short-- we called a member and they came and got him and he stayed the whole time for church! It was a little testimony builder to me (and I hope to my companion) to always follow the spirit even though things may appear to be scary. That we all, no matter our life decisions or appearance, deserve to hear the gospel. 

We met some guys working out in their garage while out contacting and they insisted that I bench press.  I did a whopping 60 pounds!  I thought my toothpick arms were going to snap!
Our district
We did a lot of service this week. We mowed lots of lawns and helped leaders with their callings this week. I have also enjoyed getting to know the sisters that we live with this transfer as well. Sister Eggett and I have hit it off. The other night we were playing with these Mexican puppets and the lady we live with came in the room to tell us to be more quiet. I wish I had a picture of her face when she saw that we were playing with puppets and that's why we were so loud! I have learned this transfer that although things are hard sometimes that God puts people into our lives to make them easier. The answers to our prayers are usually through other people. I have come to realize that although our area is hard I can still make a difference. After all, Christ has said that "His own rejected him" the area we are in is "my own" but that I am still able to make a difference in the sisters I get to serve and help them in their areas as well. 

We mowed the Bishop's lawn
Sister Eggett and I were laughing because I came into their room at the end of the night and we were wearing the same outfit: fancy shirts and basketball shorts.
Selfies with Sister Eggett
Well that's about all I have this week. My memory has gotten so bad! I still love you all. Thank you for the support. 
Love Sister Thompson 

Washing our bikes on P-Day

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