Monday, July 11, 2016

LaSt ChApTeR

July 11, 2016
The Elders got us snap backs
So tomorrow I officially start my last transfer!! We got transfers last night, which was probably the first time my whole mission that we got them that early! I am..... STAYING. And so is Sister Eggett!!!! We are super excited. She has officially given me the nickname of "grandma." We both were praying so hard that we would stay together so we are pretty excited about it! 

This week was a great one! We are sitting here in the library currently and we just got a text from Miguel that says, "Sister I broke up with my girlfriend and I gave her the Mormon book I told her if you some day you want to come back reed the Mormon book and she left." He is doing super great! He didn't come to church yesterday but we are so so proud of the progress that he is making. He told me that he wants to get baptized in Utah when I get home. We have other plans for him to get baptized down here! So we are working on that. The other day he called us and told us that he was going to bring a friend from work with him to our lesson. We met up with him and his friend is super interested! His name is Julio. He came to church yesterday and stayed all three hours! He is 27 so we will probably have to hand him off to the YSA missionaries but Miguel is talking to a lot of his friends about the church! It's been a huge testimony to me of you save one soul and you save many. During the lesson with Julio we were explaining to him about the Book of Mormon and Miguel got mad and was like "you need to tell him about Mormon first!" We explained to him we have to explain it in order or he will get confused. It was great. 

Little bananas
The whole transfer Sister Eggett has been trying to run a mile in 7 minutes. She has been at about 8 for most of the transfer. The other day she was determined to do it in 7 minutes and 30 seconds. I got out the stop watch and rode my bike along side of her as she ran (I am still the world's worst runner). Anyways so she was at half a mile and I yelled at her "you are at five minutes hurry up!!" She had been running super fast! Well I lied to her because she was only at like 3 minutes but i wanted her to get faster than her end goal. She pushed through super hard and when she finished she looked like she was going to pass out. She asked me what time she got and she made it in 6 minutes and 48 seconds! We both gained a little testimony of support. We joked later that she wasn't a "circus elephant" It's amazing the things that we can do when we have loved ones by our side (even on a bike) pushing us along the way. 

I was having a bad day and was tired of biking so I hung onto Sister Eggett's backpack and she pulled me :)
Speaking of circus elephants. The other day i was jumping on Sister Eggetts bed and we heard a big crack! I broke her box spring in half! HA! She slept on it that night. Her bed looked like one of the beds that you see in the hospital that are like folded in half. She complained the next day that her back hurt! So last night she moved her mattress on the ground! She wouldn't let me trade her beds! That has been the joke of the week.

We taught the primary kids the 10 commandments yesterday. We played cherades and Pictionary with them. We still had time so we did role plays with them where the missionary would try to get them to break a commandment and they had to stand up for it and tell us why it was bad. They got really funny.
This week we have been teaching our members the story of the anti-Nephi-Lehis where they bury their swords. So we would make little swords with them out of paper and have them put things they were going to bury and promise God that they weren't going to do. We were at the Falco's house the other night and they had been giving us a hard time and teasing us. We were getting them to stop drinking coffee and that they should bury it too. They wouldn't! We tried pretty hard. So we just took the little paper swords out to go bury them and when I dug into the ground I dug up their plant! haha! They jokingly told us that we weren't allowed to come back; that we were ruining all of their things;) 

"Hanging out" with our recent convert, Jennifer
The other day we were at another members house eating with them. I asked the mom for a servesa which means "beer' in Spanish instead of a sirvilleta which means "napkin," She looked at me and said "como?" haha! oops. We gave talks yesterday in Spanish! I was SO nervous and I am so so happy it's over! It went better than I thought it did so that's good! 

This is the Leichammers. She only speaks Spanish and he only speaks English due to a car crash and a stroke that they had. She told me that she hasn't talked to him in two years! She can understand him but can't respond and he can't understand her at all.
The mission is going great! I'm super excited for this upcoming transfer and all of the success and miracles that we are going to see! I love you all! Thank you for the love and support! Have a blessed week!

Hermana Thompson

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