Monday, July 25, 2016

17 MoNtHs!!!!!!!!!!

July 25, 2016

I can't believe how fast time has gone!! This week has been a good one! 

Miguel will be getting baptized this upcoming Sunday! So keep that in your prayers. He had an interview with the district leader and they both decided that this coming Sunday would be best. He is doing super great. He came to all of church yesterday too so that was awesome! He has been reading out of the Gospel Principles book. He also gave us a referral to a lady's house that he painted. She has cancer and so we went by and shared a message with her. She isn't in our area so we had to pass her off to the other sisters. I feel like all of the solid people we have been getting lately we have to pass off! But I'm happy that we are finding some great people down here! 

We made caramel apples
P-day downtown

This week I went to traffic court for my speeding ticket. That was fun. We joked that we were like Peter preaching in jail! The judge asked if I pled guilty or not guilty and of course I told him "not guilty" and so he asked if I wanted to be tried by a jury or a judge. I had like five seconds to pick so I picked the judge. I have another court date this Wednesday to find out if they will drop it. So hopefully I'll baptize the judge this time around! So that's still going on. 

The other day we were on an exchange and we were super hungry. So we said a prayer that someone would feed us. We kept working and we went by a member's house to see how they were doing. In the middle of talking she randomly was like "I have egg salad sandwiches do you want one?" We told her yes and after eating we told her our prayer and how she answered it. She looked so happy because I think that we were an answer to her prayers too. She told us that she had been praying to be able to help people. I love that the Lord always answers even the simplest of prayers and through other people! 
On exchanges with Sister Phalwane
This week has been super busy. Nothing really too big happened but just a lot of little miracles that always seem to add up. We had 3 inactive/less active families come back to church yesterday. That was a happy moment. We have been working with them for awhile. One family hadn't been to church in almost a year. We were talking about them during branch council and one of the members was like "they always use the excuse that their car is broken" then another member was like "they always make it to work or activities they need but they can't ever make it to church" Then another member was like "well apparently their car is Mormon because it always keeps the day of rest!" I laughed a little too hard at that one! I love working with these people! This Branch has grown so much since I've gotten here (not because of me) but I love being able to see growth and progress in people! Our Branch members are amazing and they take good care of us! 

The work is going great! We have been busy busy busy and I love it! I love you all! Have a wonderful week! 
                           Love Hermana Thompson 
We had a hard day so we did masks!

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