Monday, August 10, 2015


This Transfer flew by! Gee wilikers!  We still haven't heard whether we are getting transfered or not.  I'm sure you will just call Paco anyway;) I really am hoping I get to stay in this area for one more. I could actually serve my whole mission here and be fine. Right now we have 9 investigators who have been to church. They all are amazing and all have their struggles we are trying to push through but then again who doesn't. It's been a privilege to be able to help them and bless their lives with the gospel. They are all so close to baptism too. I really would love to be here for those but I guess that's not my choice! I could literally see it going either way. I'm not going to be surprised by what happens. I am nervous to say the least.

Did the nurse ever call you mom? I think I am going in for an MRI on my shoulder sometime soon. No biggie but it still hurts and I want a second opinion on it. The other day I laid on my bed and cried for an hour because of it. (lame I know) I talked with one of our members who is a PA and he told me that even though the nerve is destroyed from the accident and it's not doing it's function it could still be signaling my brain that there is pain. They can go in and do steroid shots to make me buff jk or they can go in and do stuff with the nerve to make it stop. We just got a new mission nurse and she is being kind of dumb about it all but I don't think she realizes how much discomfort I'm in. I'd rather fix it out here or at least deal with it for a year and just know what it is through the MRI, if I have to, rather than have to come home or anything. It's hard to focus on others when you physically don't feel well.  I just want to be at my top notch potential and so I don't know what the nurse's deal is but she has to go through a bunch of people. I told her like a week ago.  I'm taking it day by day. I'm trying to handle it but I just wanted to let you know so you don't crap your khakis. I guess call her if you want to know anything else.

Enough about my silly problems. I had my first Spanish dream the other day. That was a really weird feeling! I can understand almost everything that people say but speaking it is another story. They get what I'm saying but I definitely sound like a white girl.

This week Sister Lance got a hair cut by one of the members (I told her it was a bad idea but she didn't listen!) I told her that I am going to let my hair grow my entire mission. Mostly because I only trust Lisa to cut my hair:) picky I know.  This lady cut layers in Sister Lance's hair and when I  say layers I mean one layer. I told her it looks like she got a bob and has a mullet at the same time! I call it the bullet hair style. She didn't think I was funny and cried about it. We can laugh now. (I think it's still a touchy subject)  The next day after her hair cut we parked our car and were talking for a minute about her hair. Usually we just pray and get out but as we were sitting there I noticed some dust kind of blowing but didn't think anything of it then Sister Lance was like, "Is that dust or smoke?"  I looked out my window and saw that it was smoke so I was like "Drive drive drive!!"  We hurried and pulled the car up and got out and because it was so hot outside and we were parked on some like dead hay/grass that was on the side of the road, it caught on fire!  If Sister Lance hadn't have gotten an awful hair cut we wouldn't have stayed in the car for a minute to talk/laugh about it and our car would have blown up!  We were definitely being watched over! I think that God has a sense of humor in the ways he helps us! Whether it's me falling through the roof the other week like a Loony Tune cartoon or whether it;s getting an awful hair cut, it all tends to work out. One of our members the other day had something bad happen. I wont go into detail because of time but basically she didn't listen to the Holy Ghost and had a scare with the police but they ended up letting her go.  I told her "I think sometimes God has to scare the crap out of us in order to allow us to learn and prepare for other/bigger trials!" It's so true! Sometimes I know I complain about dumb situations like "Why did that have to happen?" but it's really just God looking out for us. Once we recognize why, is the truly amazing part. I'm just glad it wasn't my hair this time;)

Norma is having some trials in her family. It's been really hard for me to see her go through them. She had her son-in--law and her daughter and their two kids living with her in her trailer. Her son-in-law is a monster; it took every fiber of my being to not kick the door down and punch his face in. One time he pushed Norma down in the rocks and the neighbors saw what happened and called the police but Norma lied to the police because she was worried that they would take her daughter too because her daughter saw what had happened and didn't do anything.  The other day they were sitting in the room watching TV and the son-in-law comes and and just starts spanking his daughter and wailing on her.  Norma freaked out and was like, "What are you doing that for?!" and he said it was because she was in watching TV with them and he didn't want her in there..... the little girl is about 3. She hadn't done anything wrong.

Norma also told us that he would push her husband down before he died. Even when he was sick with cancer and blind.  This is a little bit of how heart crushing her situation is. I told her that the police cannot do anything to her daughter in a situation like that and that I think she needs to call the police next time. The night I told her that her son-in-law pulled a machete on her son and so Norma called the police! They didn't arrest him which was stupid but they told him that he can't come back.  Norma's daughter decided to go with him and they took their kids too. We went over on Sunday after church because Sister Coronado told us what happened. Norma is really sad about everything mostly because of her grand kids and she is sick too. I think she has kidney stones and she is in a lot of pain. On top of that her daughter was the only one with a job. She would buy the food and pay the bills. Sometimes the son-in-law wouldn't let them eat (Norma and her 2 other sons that live there) and so she would go without food for who knows how long.
It destroys my heart to see her go through all of these trials. She is still so strong and especially in the Gospel! It's the hardest feeling in the world for me because I feel so powerless. I want to buy her food and an air conditioner. I want to give her everything!  Anything to make her life a little easier and a little less hellish. I may not be able to help her with her worldly problems but I hope I made a big enough difference to help her with her eternal happiness. Norma is why I want to stay here. She is the strongest lady I have ever met. And to see how happy the Gospel has made her, seeing and knowing every past event she has gone through in her life and how the Gospel can change a person has been a miracle. It shows how it doesn't matter what trial or events take place it's only through Christ where we can find true happiness. You can search forever and you wont find it any other way. Our trials will pass either way. They are a lot less heavy when you go through them the right way. Always look toward the light. That's where true happiness is.

I hope you all have a good week. I love you and you're in my prayers:)
Love, Hermana Thompson

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