Monday, December 21, 2015

Feliz Navidad and a Happy 10 Months!

December 21, 2015

So I got my greenie! Her name is Sister Castro. It's funny because when I got the call to train I was joking with the Elders and Sister Painter that I wanted a native speaker AND a black companion so I was hoping for a Dominican. And.... My companion is from the DR!!! She moved to America when she was 10. We talked about the Dominican Republic the whole way up to Corpus!  That's all we talk about still. I thought she was going to have a heart attack when I told her that I'd been there 3 times!  During transfers they said that I'd be the one driving the van back up. I felt like the ultimate soccer mom with all of these greenies and luggage everywhere. 

Angelina and Natalie's baptism yesterday

This week has been the longest and shortest stressful week ever though! I feel like I'm losing my brains! Planning who to go by and getting ready for the baptism just about killed me. In the mission we call it "duck ponding" it; meaning the ducks above water appear to be looking calm as can be, but under the water their feet are freaking out going really fast. This week will be much better now that we both are a little adjusted and that I'm not planning a baptism. We have to get up at 4:30 in the morning tomorrow to drive down to McAllen for the Mission Christmas party. This will be the 3rd time in a week I've had to do that! I feel like a zombie.

We go to the LeBarons every Sunday and have fun over there with their family. They loved my wings;) 

Annie and me

The YSA elders in our district got emergency transferred (I'm not allowed to say why) and so we all had to sing in their sacrament meeting for the Christmas program. Sister Castro and I were sitting there and sacrament began to start. I realized we were the only missionaries in there and I may have freaked out a little on the inside thinking that we would have to sing just the two of us. I texted the zone leaders and they hurried and showed up. Then I texted the sisters because they were supposed to be there but they decided not to go because they thought it was a practice. I told them it wasn't and they made it just in time. Then I texted our district leader and he didn't even know about it!  They literally just barely made it.  The first song, silent night, not too shabby. The second song literally none of us had ever heard of! On the start of the third verse the piano player decided to be Beethoven or something and busted out with this I don't know what you would call it and so we all slowly one by one stopped singing until one of the sisters was forced into a solo! Then we all awkwardly started to join her but realized the words weren't matching up with the song! It was honestly hands down the most horrible song ever! We all found out REAL fast that none of us are musically talented!  

New district, minus the two Elders

4 Generation Picture

This transfer I want to teach Sister Castro about service.  I have been trying to plan at least one a week that we can do for people. This week we went to a lady's house and climbed on the roof and in a tree and picked her oranges. That was the first time I've done that! I was praying that I wouldn't fall through the roof this time and into their living room like i did in La Joya;) 

Picking Oranges

I'll talk to you all in four days so I wont say too much. Remember what this Christmas season is about and take the time with the family to tell your testimonies:) I love you all! Enjoy your holidays:) 

I took a picture of this house on Candy Cane Lane......
Look closer.........
Creepiest thing of my life!

Hermanita A. Thompson 

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