Monday, July 27, 2015

Whaaaaat Uuuuppppp!

HEY FAM!!!!!!

Our week was awesome! First. My recent convert Genesis went to the temple and did baptisms with the youth of the ward! I was sad I couldn't go! But so so excited for her! Second my other recent convert Eber, got the Aaronic priesthood yesterday:) And Norma was also baptized yesterday as well!! The service was beautiful. My companion and I stood on the side of the font and held her towel for her when she came out. I wrapped her up and then she just began to sob. She was so happy that now she was clean.  She has changed SO much from the first day I met her.  It was my first night in the mission. We went to the end of our area to the Coronados house (a member) when we got there and we sat outside of their little tiny camp trailer, in the dark of the night with a the dimmest light you ever did see. Sister Coronado introduced us to Norma that night. Norma is this tiny little Hispanic lady. The wrinkles on her face you knew where of a thousand stories.  She just looked so hurt and fragile.  I remember the lesson we had that night was about courage.  Looking back, Norma has showed me exactly what courage means.

Sister Coronado has sent the missionaries by her for 8 years. Norma would never accept a baptismal date or really listen much.  She has a daughter who passed away when she was 12.  A few years later, her husband began to become ill with diabetes. It got so bad that he eventually couldn't see.  About two years ago Sister Coronado took Norma and her sick husband to Family Home Evening at the church one night. Norma's husband told her that if he were to join any church it would be this one. He soon became more ill and passed away.  Norma currently lives with her grown kids in this trailer. She can't find work. They don't have much food.

One day she finally agreed to let us teach her. We did our normal lessons and such but I remember going over there after maybe 4 or 5 times of teaching her and when she opened the door she looked so much younger. It caught me off guard so bad! There were less wrinkles in her face! Her eyes lit up as if she were the happiest person in the world! She physically and mentally had that pain taken away from her! The change was like from night to day. I had never seen anything like it. The Gospel does amazing things to people. It has been a privilege being a part of seeing that change in her and helping her to recognize God's hand in her life and how loved she is.

Saturday night we taught her about temples and that how her husband and daughter can be baptized too. Just like her. She was so surprised and happy and relieved. it was the coolest message we could share with somebody like her. I told her that I felt that her daughter and husband were helping orchestrate this from the other side. That she is going to be taken care of.  After her baptism was the most precious thing I have ever seen.  She knew that she could be with her family for eternity; that her past was clean and that because of Christ all of that was possible. Norma is the most courageous person I know. Having the courage to do what she knows is right even though past things have been hard in her life.
It's Sooo Hot

Elder Stone and I sporting off our new fanny pacs! He's not a very good model like me;) 

Look Mom I dressed my self today! 

Paco and Cesar Coronado 

Selfie with Eber 

I love you all. I hope you have a great week!
Love Hermana Thompson

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